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6 Effective Tips to Unclog Shower Drains

Your soap and hair will unavoidably build up in the shower drain and it may be quite tempting to try for a quick fix. Having blocked shower drain lessens the lifespan of pipes. Luckily, a blockage is easy to prevent and by using the right products, you will always be able to take a shower without blockages.There are some easy hacks for unblocking shower drains without the trouble of putting harsh chemicals or calling a plumber for fixing the problem.

Why is the shower not draining properly?

The common cause of having a blocked shower drain is the accumulation of hair, soap and other debris. Removing hair from this plughole after taking a shower and cleaning the shower drain regualrly are some of the suitable ways to avoid the accumulation. Shower drains may get blocked due to build up of limescale, especially when you stay in an area where there is hard water. When you detect this, it can lead to the blockage though there are several ways to de-scale the pipes with household products, from lemon juice to vinegar.

6 Ways how to unblock shower drain

If there is a slow-draining shower, these six steps can unblock the drain before you decide to call the professional.

1. Take baking soda with white vinegar

If your shower drain has been clogged and you want to fix this issue soon, try cleaning the blockage with baking soda and white vinegar. This is a natural remedy having strong chemical products. Put half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of distilled vinegar and allow it to work for twenty minutes. Then pour hot water in the drain to flush away the blockage. Make sure you do not turn on the shower for a few hours to enjoy maximum benefit from this mixture.

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2. Use commercial drain cleaners

If you are looking stronger than vinegar and baking soda, chemical cleaners seem to be a great option. There are several commercial products available to clean blockage from the shower drains. These chemical cleaners are a quick and easy way to unclog the drains without the trouble of fixing this issue yourself. Pour chemicals on the drain and let them work as directed on the label. Make sure when working with these chemicals and take necessary precautions to ensure the room has been properly ventilated and protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves.

3. Boil water to unblock drains

Boiling water is a suitable option for clearing soap scum and other blockages. It is also a good alternative for using chemical cleaners. It can help in flushing out all the debris that might be stuck to the sides of pipes. Pour boiling water down your drain daily or once in a week to get the benefit of smooth running and draining of shower pipe system. If you have the habit of cleansing drain with boiling water regularly, you will surely find an improvement in the shower drainage.

4. Buy a plunger for unblocking drain

Removing drain cover and with a plunger for unblocking shower drain has a higher success rate. Though plunging seem to be quite old-fashioned, it is yet very effective than the other methods. When you struggle to get sufficient suction on the plunger, add petroleum jelly to the suction pad edge for better sealing. This will add water to shower drains so that the end of plunger gets submerged. This will help to get suction needed for releasing clog from the drain.

5. Remove drain blockage with your hands

If you find the blockage right inside the drains, you might have greater success reaching in and pulling out the clog. For this, you should wear rubber gloves. Remove drain cover and use flashlight to look inside the drain. When you can see the clog and it seem to be within your reach, try to pull it out with your fingers. Removing the blockages from shower drain with your hand is a great way to lessen blockages and clogs often. Common debris blocking shower drains occur from small objects and hair. So, by pulling all these out and then flushing the pipes by running shower, you will restore normal flow.

6. Use coat hanger hook to remove debris

Coat hanger is among the oldest methods for cleaning the drain. If you want to remove the blockage with your hands but cannot reach it, the next step is bent coat hanger. Bend this wire so that it fits down the plughole and leave hook at the end to remove debris. This is an easy solution to solve the problem of blocked drain. You may dislodge blockage with coat hanger in the pipe till it hits against drain blockage. Make sure you twist coat hanger gently and hook blockage up and out of the drain.

6 Effective Tips to Unclog Shower Drains infographics

How to prevent the problem of blocked drain

The most effective way to fix the problem of blocked drain is to avoid it from happening at the first place. Try to install a drain screen for preventing blocked shower drains. This screen can trap any debris, hair and soap scum from washing in these drain pipes and then leading to a clog.

Drain screens are really easy to install. You may purchase some that remain at the top of plug hole. It is worthy enough to know that the drain screen should be cleaned often so that it remains effective. There are many ways to prevent shower blockages and keep the drains healthier for longer time.

Having blocked drains might be a big hassle and it is undeniably an unpleasant experience, with lukewarm water and persistent odours. Water damage in the bathroom and heavy water flow in the pipes is a source of bacteria and foul smell. If you are yet unsure or you do not want to unblock clogged drains by yourself, call our plumbers in London without hesitation. At Emergency Plumber London, we have the specialty of unblocking drains and will be more than happy to help you. These great tips might help to fix drainage issues and solve them quickly.

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