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Are you looking for Saniflo engineers in London? We have over ten years of experience in Saniflo installations and repairs. Our engineers are well equipped and experienced for your Saniflo installation, whether commercial or domestic. Look no further for Saniflo engineers because Emergency Plumber London is the right place. With Emergency Plumber London, you can be sure that we will deliver to you the best qualities of Saniflo and also help you fix any issues with your Saniflo. We are readily available for your service at any time and any day.

Hiring Emergency Plumber for Saniflo Installations

Saniflo is a leading brand when it comes to macerators, and not every plumber or engineer knows all that there is to know about Saniflo. Saniflo, just like other macerators, is designed to pump wastewater into a soil pipe which also makes it possible for other toilets and water appliances to be fitted almost anywhere in the house. Fixing a Saniflo in your home does not require an in-experienced plumber; Saniflo requires the services of a qualified and experienced engineer that is very familiar with Saniflo. Finding such engineers isn’t a difficult task because Emergency Plumber London has the right team of engineers that are very qualified to undertake this task.

What I need to know about Saniflo

One significant difference between Saniflo and other drains is that they work differently. With Saniflo, the wastewater goes through a pump which is inside a sealed box usually behind toilets or hidden inside the walls of the toilet. The wastewater cuts using a high-speed blade and then flows into a soil pipe. One other difference between Saniflo and other standard drains is that with Saniflo, it is almost impossible to hear a single noise during all these processes.

Since the Saniflo macerator is quite different from the regular drains, it would take only a plumber who is very familiar and has experience with Saniflo products to be able to install or repair a Saniflo. Where the Saniflo is not correctly installed, there would always be leakages, which in turn causes blockages. Saniflo engineers usually pass through some level of apprenticeship to be able to work on Saniflo or passed some industry-approved qualification. Apart from these qualifications, they should be able to back up their experience with some positive customer reviews from customers they have worked in the past.

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Benefits of using Saniflo for your homes and business places

There’s a unique feeling of satisfaction when one gets precisely what he or she wants. Using Saniflo for your homes is the first step of going for quality. Saniflo products are not like other regular or standard drains; Saniflo is known to do much more. Saniflos are very affordable and durable. Keeping a Saniflo product working very well requires regular maintenance.

Professional maintenance and repairs

Every product lasts longer when it is given attention once in a while. To keep a Saniflo running correctly and in good condition in the house, it needs regular maintenance. Sometimes, some families or individuals would want to save money, so they try to use DIY methods for maintenance. When it comes to Saniflo, DIY techniques might not do the magic; hiring an experienced engineer for either repairs or maintenance to put the appliance in good condition is the right thing to do and contacting Emergency Plumber London for this purpose is the right decision to make. When you hire an engineer that is not familiar with Saniflos can lead to a terrible job and which will, in turn, results in more expenditure because you will then need to hire a qualified Saniflo engineer to fix your appliance correctly. It is better to save money by calling one of our qualified Saniflo engineers than to spend more money trying to repair a badly fixed Saniflo in your homes.

Why we are the right choice

Quality maintenance

Well maintained Saniflo macerator results to smooth running of the home in general, especially, the kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and sinks. At Emergency Plumber London, we are very capable of helping you maintain your Saniflo macerator in your homes, offices or industries. Contact us now to find out how we can be of help in the maintenance of your Saniflo.


For over ten years, we have been delivering exceptional services in Saniflo installations throughout London and surrounding cities. Are you trying to fix new toilets, sinks, and other water appliances and looking for the right company to call for Saniflo installations? Emergency Plumber London is the right plumbing company to call. We have very experienced Saniflo engineers who have passed through apprenticeships and industry-approved training programme, particularly on Saniflos. We are the best option for your Saniflo installation. We are fit and also possess all the right technology for all type of toilet repair and installations.


Blocks due to the usage of some products, especially when it has to do with wastewater. A blockage is inevitable, as it can occur at any time. Emergency Plumber London is right here to help with such occurrences. We are much specialised in unblocking any system whatsoever to ensure smooth running again. Our engineers are equal to the task, with skills and experience in unblocking your systems so they can run smoothly as they ought to.

Using The Right Parts

With our experience in installation, repairs, and maintenance, you can be very sure that we only use quality parts for your repairs and maintenance. We have a keen eye for spotting good quality parts for all repairs and maintenance.

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