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Hot water problems in London

If you need a water heater repair in London, or you feel it’s high time you installed a new heater. We’ve got you covered; call us on 020 34752302 for all your emergency heating and hot water problems. Our team of highly skilled technicians are readily available to resolve all issues regarding your water heating systems and many others.

Imagine running off to the shower for a quick bath, with your regular water which is usually hot, suddenly goes freaking cold! Or you find out your radiators are cold after a long day at work, devastating, right? Well, let’s get it straight! You may not be able to achieve 50% of your daily tasks without an effective and proper functioning water heater.

At Emergency Plumber London, We’ve provided varieties of solutions when it comes to issues concerning water heater repair and troubleshooting, including the following:

  • A crushed or broken dip tube
    With our vast experience, one of the most common causes of water heating problems in some homes is often linked to a broken or crushed dip tube. Usually, a proper functioning tube will help move cold water to the bottom of the tank to the position where it can be efficiently heated. However, with a broken tube, the water is barely moved, which means cold water will be moved into the home rather than hot water.
  • Malfunctioning or defective heating system
    Well, you already know how unsettling it can be when you have a faulty heating system. If you have a dysfunctioned or a flawed heating system, it is best you seek for the advice of a professional plumbing service. If you have any difficulty getting emergency heating professional services, we are just a call away, reach out to us on 020 34752302, and we can take it up from there.
  • Sediment build up in the tank
    Another major cause of lukewarm or cold water in most London homes can also be linked to sediment build-up in the heating system, most specifically for a tank heating system. Most times, the water that moves into your heating tank often goes in with sand, as well as debris that settles at the bottom of the tank.

If the water heater is located underneath or on the bottom of the tank, this build-up and debris can make your water heater less effective and dysfunctional, resulting in lukewarm or sometimes cold water.

Nevertheless, diagnosing and repairing these water heating problems is best left in the hands of a plumbing professional.

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How to prevent unexpected water heating problems in your home

Well, no one ever plans for an emergency, but you can help avoid unnecessary hiccups by having your heating system routinely inspected and serviced. When each component of your heating systems is regularly scrutinised, you are almost sure of little or no damage to the system.

What to do when your heating systems troubleshoot

When you notice your water heating system is not functioning properly, here are few tips to look out for

  • Electric
    >You can properly check the fuse or circuit on your switchboard to ensure the fuse is still functioning properly. If the fuse is blown or defective, you can easily replace it with appropriate fuse wire. In some cases where the circuit breaker has tripped, fix and reset it to an “on” button. Regardless, some blown fuse or tripped circuit will require the service of an authorised plumber. You can reach out to us at Emergency Plumber London, to schedule a same day service appointment. Call us on 020 34752302 for more information.
  • Gas
    For gas water heaters, you can check the pilot light to see if it is still functioning properly. More so, since most storage gas water heaters often come with a step by step guide and instructions on the cover panel, carefully follow the procedure as instructed, if you experience any form of difficulties during this process, call a professional plumber immediately. Worst case scenario, if you smell gas, avoid making calls within the building.

We want to help you

At Emergency Plumber London, we are equipped with information on the necessary maintenance and precautionary steps that should be taken to ensure your boiler systems are running at maximum capacity, as well as ensuring the longevity of the services provided.

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