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Waste Disposal Unit Repairs and Installation London

A waste disposal unit is a device that shreds food waste, breaking them down into small pieces less than 2mm in size so that they can pass through plumbing pipes. Waste disposal units are very important in the household when it comes to disposing of food waste. They are also helpful when it comes to running the kitchen smoothly and effectively. It thus becomes a problem when the disposal unit does not perform its function effectively anymore. It could be mild, it could be severe, but however serious it may be, professional assistance is required. Below are some problems you might encounter with a waste disposal unit.

Common waste disposal unit problems

Because of its nature, a waste disposal unit has different working parts and components that combine to carry out the work of disposing of food waste. A flaw or fault in any of these components ultimately affects the overall output of the device. Some of the problems you might notice include;

1. Power problems

This simply means the disposal unit doesn't respond when it is turned on. This problem could be an indication of an electrical problem, preventing current from being delivered to the device. At Emergency Plumbers London, we highly advise you to call us if you experience such issues, as it requires experts to handle such problems.

2. The disposable unit does not work when turned on

If the disposal unit hums when turned on, but does not grind, there is a problem. It means the inner flywheel has jammed. As professionals, we would not advise you to allow it to continue because the disposal motor can burn out. Calling us in situations like this will remedy the problem and prevent damage to your disposal unit.

3. Leaking disposal unit

Constant use can lead to leakage in some places in a waste disposal unit. The number of times, we have received calls from clients for help in fixing leaking problems in their disposal units, the three most common places where leaks do occur in the unit include;

  • Leak at the dishwasher connection
    This occurs in the hose that connects waste water from the dishwasher to the waste disposal.
  • Leaks at the discharge drainpipe
    When the gasket gets old, the pipe that channels wastewater from the disposal to the drain can develop leaks.
  • Leaks at the sink flange
    The apparatus that holds the disposal units to the sink drain can loosen over time and leaks can occur from here.

4. Slowly drained disposal

This is usually caused by a clog when food particles are lodged somewhere in the unit, causing a slow drain of water.

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Choosing The Right Waste Disposal Unit

A few people might think it is not necessary to choose the right waste disposal unit. They think any type would do. But what happens when you run into problems a short time after installing a new waste disposal unit? You can avoid this by getting professional advice on choosing the right disposal unit for your home. We will help you select from a wide range of products, the one that is best for your home, based on some factors;

  • The size of your kitchen sink
  • The most likely consumed food to avoid clogs
  • Your budget

Aside from helping you decide which is best for you, we will also offer advice on how to manage the disposal unit, so it lasts longer.

Installing A Waste Disposal Unit

It is a lot easier to install a water disposal unit when there is a professional to do it. Never attempt to do it yourself if you don't know how to. You could end up complicating things and running into initial problems.

Calling For Repairs

Do not hesitate to call us for repairs when you run into problems with your disposal unit. Our team will show up to inspect the unit and check for the exact problem. Our specialists will fix any problem regardless of how serious or mild.

Reasons For Professional Repairs And Installation

It is wise for people to have basic knowledge of what to do when they experience some plumbing problems. However, to prevent further issues from brewing, it is best to call for professional help. At Emergency Plumber London, we have an excellent team of professional plumbers on hand and readily available to handle any problems you can have with your disposal units. Our plumbers are available at all times to install a new unit or repair a faulty one. Note that the most important advice we can give once you call in to report an emergency is to avoid putting your hands down the disposal unit in an attempt to dislodge a clog. This can cause a serious accident.

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