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Kitchen Refurbishment London

Having a brand new fitted kitchen can sometimes appear expensive and a daunting prospect for the majority of homeowners in London. Well, before you start getting worked up, hang on a bit, we can give you the perfect kitchen refurbishment services while ensuring your needs and interests are met.

Many homeowners are dreaming of a new makeover and refurbishment for their kitchens, and guess what? The solutions to your desire are not as farfetched. Whether you’ve just inherited a worn-out kitchen from previous owners or you need to rejuvenate your kitchen appearance, we can help provide you with the necessary services.

At Emergency Plumber London, we have carried out varieties of kitchen refurbishments across London for different clients, and with our vast experience, we can help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Kitchen refurbishment vs kitchen makeover, are they the same?

A lot of us don’t have vast knowledge when it comes to issues concerning kitchen refurbishments and makeover, and because of this, we tend to use them interchangeably. However, while both terms are often used interchangeably by various clients, they are not the same.

Kitchen makeover, what to expect?

Kitchen makeover is quite similar to kitchen refurbishment, little wonder why most clients who contact us to revamp their kitchen want a renovation rather than a makeover. However, to make the unclear picture crystal clear, there are a few things you should expect, in a makeover:

  • Replacing your kitchen doors
  • Changing your door handles
  • Replacement of drawer fronts
  • Changing the existing sink
  • A new worktop

Although the aftermath of the result might not be incredibly perfect, a kitchen makeover can make an enormous difference to an outdated kitchen. Hence, this could be the best option for you if you are looking to improve the appearance of your kitchen with a low budget. Let’s guide you through the process, call us on 020 34752302, to discuss your needs.

What are Kitchen refurbishments?

Kitchen refurbishment, also referred to as kitchen renovation is the complete modernisation of your kitchen area, which will typically include ripping out your regular kitchen and starting a new kitchen space, with a blank canvas. In other words, a kitchen renovation involves sprucing up and redesigning your kitchen, to create a space tailored towards your desires. It also allows for the installations of new appliances which can be tastefully furnished to suit the new kitchen properly.

Kitchen refurbishment, what to expect

During your kitchen renovations and refurbishment, the following ensues:

  • Panting and plastering of walls to suit each clients taste.
  • New flooring, including wooden, tiled or marble flooring
  • Replacements of base units, cupboards and other kitchen furniture with new custom made units.
  • Re-designing the layout & tap repair installations
  • Gas pipes, electrical sockets and plumbing reconfiguration
  • And many more.

However, not all attributes outlined above applies to all projects. In other words, while some kitchen refurbishments project may require new flooring, some other projects may not necessarily employ new flooring. This is because every client is unique, and may need something entirely different, which are intended to suit their preference and taste.

At Emergency Plumber London, we cooperate with our clients to ensure that each need is met.

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Why you should consider going for kitchen refurbishment

If you are still on the fence, towards taking a final decision for your kitchen refurbishments, here are few benefits, to tempt you a bit:

  • Update your kitchen appearance

Well, just in case your kitchen is still stuck in the 90s, then this might be the right time to make a move in changing your kitchen appearance. You can completely change the look of your kitchen, by fixing new cabinets, painting the walls, and many more.

  • Increased comfort

No one wants a stuffy and outdated kitchen after all. Renovating your kitchen can ensure higher comfort. Newly fitted kitchen appliances can also allow for better airflow while providing a clean cooking area with exceptional hygiene.

  • Improved function

It can also help improve the overall purpose of the kitchen since there are freer working environment and storage space.

How can we help?

Let’s help you do the magic!

Even when customers may have purchased their new kitchen appliances, and need a precision installation, we can still help you give your home the glow it deserves. However, in cases where you are not entirely sure of what you want from your new kitchen space, in terms of design and function, with a quick decision-making process, we will be more than delighted to guide you through your decision-making process, while we discuss your choice with you.

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The average cost of kitchen refurbishment

Generally, all renovation costs will depend on several factors, including the cost of new appliances to be installed, cost of ripping out the old kitchen, the needs that are meant to be met, your plumber services, and many others.

Of course, nobody wants to opt for fewer quality services, only to have to overhaul again in five to six years, which is why we work in hand with our clients to help achieve the best kitchen renovation possible for each budget.

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