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Flooding and Plumbing

Floods are not good! The aftermath of a flood can be devastating, especially in areas where flooding is usually not a problem.

Flooding destroys properties, infrastructures and more especially plumbing systems. Has your home's plumbing been compromised by a flood? Don't worry because Emergency Plumber London is here to help you get started all over again.

Granted, you might spend quite a sum of money, and it may take some time to restore your plumbing, but we at Emergency Plumber London will do it strategically such that your time and money is saved.

You should call us if your area and house is flooded. We would make all the necessary upgrades and fit in protection to take care of flooding if it happens again.

Here's Our Plan

We know exactly how complex a plumbing system can be, which is why we would not dive straight into fixing your plumbing after a flood.

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Unblocking your drains or fixing broken pipes may not be the next best thing to do because it can cause problems elsewhere in your plumbing. Our course of action include:

Assessing the situation

What we at Emergency Plumber London usually do is to take a holistic view of the plumbing wreck after a flood. This will help us assess the situation better so that our plans can effectively restore your plumbing without any further problems.

Unblocking the drains

When the storm or flood water must have receded, your home will likely be filled with dirt, debris and silt; leftovers from the flood. The mess may be found both inside and outside your home; in places, they shouldn't be.

Emergency Plumber London will clean out your drains for easy access to your plumbing system. We have the latest plumbing equipment and tools like visual inspection equipment, drain snakes, augers and other hardware that will break up these blockages. After that, we will flush them out so that water flow is normal again.

Installation or repair of broken plumbing fixtures

All your plumbing fixtures and fittings that probably got damaged from the flood will be fixed. We know that it is possible for the floodwater to have carried all kinds of objects, including hard materials that could have caused damage to your plumbing upon physical contact.

Our engineers will take stock of all the damaged fixtures ranging from toilet sinks, bathtubs, shower, to kitchen plumbing and the rest of them.

We will work as quickly as possible to repair or install these fixtures so that your plumbing can become operational.

Repair of broken pipes

Your plumbing pipes stand a chance to be compromised by either the pressure of flood waters or from hard objects. These tend to destroy or punch holes in the pipes; they may no longer be safe or effective again.

We will check as many pipes in your home for signs of leakage or damage. Pipes that are broken will be fixed and replaced. Better still, we will have to change all the pipes as a precautionary measure to future flooding.

Foundation assessment

In a case where the flooding was severe, your home may likely suffer structural and foundation damage. You need not waste time to fix this! The reason would hold sway if your plumbing system got broken in the basement or lower levels of your home. This means the foundation may have been breached.

This is not our job, but because we understand how important your building foundation is, we advise you to call in professionals that are knowledgeable in this area.

Without a good and solid foundation, your plumbing system cannot be sustained.

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What should you do?

If you're out there and affected by a flood, all you need to do is get in touch with Emergency Plumber London. Don't try fixing your broken plumbing yourself. You may not be able to do it perfectly. Besides, flood-damaged plumbing is quite different from the regular plumbing problems so, it requires professional skills.

We have the unique skills to fix your plumbing after a flood.

Why call us?

We prioritise and focus on the biggest and most crucial project first to ensure that every plumbing problem arising from a flood is resolved the right way. Don't hesitate to call us as soon as possible.

You might be tensed and scared after a flood incident considering all the damage that has befallen your plumbing. Here at Emergency Plumber London, we will take away that tension with our expert hands, tools, and equipment. We showcase the right skills with care, ensuring that there isn't any damage after we're done.

Whether it is internal flood damage (damage from leaking water pipes or malfunctioning of the wash room) or external flood damage from flood, storms and hurricanes, we at Emergency Plumber London have the requisite expertise to keep your plumbing running again.

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