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Lead Pipe Replacement in London

Centuries ago, lead plumbing was the only plumbing that people used. Pipes were made from lead because they were cheap, easy to weld, and they were also resistant to rust. These pipes were installed in houses as water pipes and were in use well into the 1980s. Some old houses could still have lead pipes in them unless they have been replaced during a renovation process, or by broken pipe replacements.

Are you considering how to go about changing the lead pipes in your house? If yes, Emergency plumber London is the ideal company for you. With so many years of experience using modern plumbing facilities, you can be guaranteed that your plumbing will be in good hands.

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What is lead?

Lead is one of the naturally occurring metals. They are harmful to the human body and can get into our bodies in different ways. They can be present in our food, thus ingested through the mouth, and they can also be present in our water. They can even be absorbed through the air we breathe.

Lead poisoning affects our bodies in devastating ways, both children and adults. It is much worse in children because their nervous system development is damaged, and permanent changes are experienced in behaviour and learning ability. Lead poisoning affects range from kidney damage to reproductive problems in adults. The effects are amplified when exposure to the lead continues for a long period.

It is therefore important to prevent exposure to this metal, especially for children. We know the tragedy that comes along with lead pipes, and we have our customers at heart, which is why you should give us a call today to book an appointment and get your piping work changed.

Are lead pipes harmful?

Although lead is a serious threat to our health, lead pipes are not automatically harmful. This is because, over time, during the use of lead pipes, oxidised metal forms a layer on the pipe surface, and prevents water from being in direct contact with the lead. This is not a consolation, because you still need to replace your lead pipes if you have any.

How to know when you have lead pipes?

The most common way to determine if you have lead pipes is to check the age of the house you are living in. If you live in a house that has been around before 1963, then it is highly possible that you may have lead pipes. However, if you are not sure, try the following procedures to be sure;

  • Look out for dull grey coloured pipes inside your house, in places like the pipe that leads to the kitchen tap.
  • Try scraping the pipes gently with a knife or a coin. If it reveals a shiny, silver-coloured metal beneath, then it is a lead pipe
  • A lead pipe will produce dull thud instead of clear ringing when tapped with a metal object
  • Also, look out for pipes with the following
    • very hard pipe with bright or dull orange colour
    • a hard pipe that is hard or rusty
    • grey, blue or black in colour

Once you suspect or confirm you have lead pipes, contact us immediately at Emergency Plumber London for immediate lead pipe replacement.

Lead pipe replacement

As earlier mentioned, lead pipes were used for plumbing in old houses. Some of the old houses are still standing today, and this means, they still have lead pipes in them. Lead pipe poisoning is a serious health hazard, and as such remedies have been provided.

Specialised plastics like PVC and PEX have replaced lead as a material for producing pipes. They are better, last longer and does not expose residents to life-threatening severe hazards.

We have skilled and reliable plumbers who will help you to locate and replace all lead pipes present in your home.

Here at Emergency Plumber London, we are equipped with a highly-skilled, reliable and professional team of plumbers. We are available at all times to fix your plumbing problems. If you need your lead pipe replaced with better plastic ones, call us today on 02034752302, or send us a mail.

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