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Drain Repairs

A lot of factors can damage a drain, but the most common cause of drain damage is often simply a blockage. This blockage can be removed using many drain unblocking techniques.

Minor drain problems that can be easily repaired include minor root ingression, unstable joints, and small cracks while serious problems that require a lot of work are major root ingression, surface work, and ground movement which can damage the structural integrity of the pipework.

These require more extensive drain repair, and we can come in at this place to help you. We are a team of professional and highly qualified emergency plumbers in London and have a good name and reputation which we have built over the years.

We offer one of the best and professional services that meet high standards and at an affordable price. We are available 24 hours a day, and we also give expert advice to our customers. Call Emergency Plumber London today for your drain repairs!

Signs of a Collapsed Drain

A collapsed drain should be repaired immediately to limit potential damage to your health and properties and also to reduce the cost of repair.

The signs of a damaged drain to look out for are:

  • Foul odors – the first sign you will notice is the smell of sewage in your home; this indicates damage somewhere along the pipes or a sign that your pipe is blocked. If you have removed the blockage and the smell persists, this could be a sign of a collapsed drain.
  • Sewage backups or frequent blockages –if you frequently suffer from blockages or sewer backups, this is a good sign that you have a collapsed drain. We can help out to put a stop to this. All you need to do is put a call through to us on 02034752302, and we will be there to fix this disgusting occurrence.
  • Mold or damp –the flow of water will be severely affected if your drain is damaged, this will result in the appearance of mold or damp patches on some parts of your walls, and this is caused by wastewater.
  • Slow drains –this is one of the first signs that your drain is blocked, there is a more serious problem if after you’ve cleaned it, it remains slow.

A CCTV drain survey will help to know if the drain has been damaged.

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How we Repair Collapsed Drain

The first thing we do is to diagnose the problem; this will help us get to the root cause of the drain problem. To do this, we carry out a CCTV drain survey; this will also help our engineers to know the details of the damage and enable them to have access to the problematic area.

The engineers can also access the pipework and the depth of the drain, this information will be used to determine the best method to repair the drain.

We always try our possible best to perform a “no-dig” drain repair, this is the most economical solution, and it causes less disruption to your home and business.

In some cases, we have no option than to excavate the drain and replace the pipework that has been damaged. Our engineers are well trained to do this, and they also have years of experience doing this.

If this sounds familiar to you, send us an mail or book an appointment and our engineers would be glad to help fix it.

What is the Cost of Drain Repair?

The cost of repair will depend on the nature of your work and the damages being worked on. However, be rest assured that our services are highly professional and meet the best standards yet affordable.

We will also give you a quote in advance so that you know exactly what you will pay and what you are paying for. We also discuss with our clients and give them expert advice on the most cost-effective solution.

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