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Hot Water Cylinder Repairs, Installation, and Maintenance in London

Taking a hot bath on a cold day can be refreshing. But what if you don't own a hot water cylinder and you need one? Or maybe your cylinder needs repair or maintenance? Thinking of who to call? Give us at Emergency Plumber London the chance to give you quality service you'd love.

How do hot water cylinder works?

Hot water cylinder heats the water directly from a source, usually a boiler or immersion heater. The water is now stored up in a cylinder and ready for use when needed. Are you interested in getting a hot water cylinder? Get across to us. We have qualified plumbing and heating engineers that will install them for your household needs.

Take a look at the types of hot water cylinder so you can make a choice that suits your demands.

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Types of Hot Water Cylinder

There are two main types of hot water cylinder: Vented and Unvented. Here are some details about these two types of cylinder.

  • Vented Cylinder
    This is the most common type of hot water system you will find in the UK. They are copper tanks supplied with cold water from an overhead tank located in the loft and use gravity to move the hot water around your home.

    There's a vent pipe that links the vented hot water cylinder and the heater cold water tank's.

    Vented hot water cylinders are easier to install and maintain because they are less complicated. This is one of their benefits! Again, the use of indirect heating makes it a more economical option for people with a tight budget.

    Do you need this system? We can have them installed for you at a good price. Repairs and maintenance of this cylinder are part of our services too. Feel free to contact us at Emergency Plumber London.
  • Unvented Cylinder
    This is a brand of hot water cylinder that has gained popularity. An unvented water system does not use a cold water tank. Rather, the cylinder is supplied directly by the cold water mains. They operate at mains pressure!

    The benefits of using this system include:
    • A better shower and bath flow due to increased pressure
    • There is no need for a cold water tank
    • It uses less space and eliminates potential freezing issue during the cold months
    • You don't need to rely on gravity to supply the hot water around your home. Thus, you can place this cylinder anywhere in your home
    • Noise reduction is guaranteed since there's no cold water filling the storage vessel
    • There is no risk of cold water contamination

Unvented cylinders are more expensive than vented cylinders, but the greater water pressure they provide is a reason to go for it. Would you like to go for it? At Emergency Plumber London, we can help you with it. Be it installation, repair, or maintenance; we know the job very well. Reach us now!

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Installing, repairing, and maintaining any hot water system is what we do. We know that different homes require different heating system; a decision greatly influenced by personal choice.

It might interest you to know that the unvented hot water cylinder has a water expansion issue that if not safely handled, could cause harm. We know the methods to employ to handle this expansion safely, which is why hiring us is a good option.

Also, unvented cylinders operate at a higher pressure, so, there are additional safety features that come with the system. You need a boiler expert like us who knows the drill to do this installation for you. We are Emergency Plumber London; you can count on us for a good job!

Professional Help

Have you decided on which type of hot water cylinder you want? If yes, you will need a highly qualified engineer to do the installation.  Please avoid bad installation as much as possible because a badly installed unvented cylinder can be more dangerous than a gas explosion!

Here at Emergency Plumber London, we have an experienced and well qualified team of technicians and engineers that can carry out this hard work safely and proficiently.

There is a wide range of direct and indirect vented and unvented hot water cylinders. Make your choice today, and we will do the job for you.

If you have further questions, need guidance, or assistance ranging from repairs, maintenance, or installation, give us a call at Emergency Plumber London. We have the solution that you seek.

We can even help you in making a choice of cylinder based on our thorough knowledge of the functions and operations of hot water cylinders.

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