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Commercial plumbing services in London

When there's an increase in the number of people who occupy hotels and restaurants for a period of time, it's a special operating period for these establishments.

During these periods, there tends to be more pressure on the drainage system and general plumbing of the entire establishment that also leads to more accumulation occurring over time. This can result in plenty of problems that might refrain from your hotel or restaurant from performing its functions efficiently.

Even in cases where the number of customers and workers are just minimal, pipework and drainage system still have more pressure than plumbing in residential buildings and so outbreaks are managed speedily and require more efficacy. The fact that plumbing is so delicate in commercial buildings should lead you to choose plumbers and engineers who have thorough knowledge and expertise on commercial plumbing systems, as they would be able to tackle plumbing issues swiftly and more competently.

For this reason, it is extremely essential for Hotel and Restaurant management to be able to differentiate good commercial plumbers from just regular residential plumbers. Doing so can help you stay confident that whatever work will be done on your establishment with the plumbing, will be thorough and competent.

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You might be wondering how both plumbings differ from each other. In fact, they are actually very similar to each other in the sense that the various plumbers need the same level of experience, professionalism, and knowledge on their respective kinds of plumbing. However, there’s just a difference in the kinds of plumbing issues that both, have to see in their day to day plumbing activities. While the residential plumber sees about the same kinds of plumbing issues from place to place, the commercial plumber has to deal with issues that are continually diverse, more complex and sometimes even demanding an additional understanding of certain requirements.

Hotels and Restaurants have a greater percentage on the usage of their plumbing and drainage systems compared with residential buildings. As such, there is a need to make use of much more pipeworks than private buildings. This, inevitably, demands that the capacity, resilience, and grade of their pipes will differ from the regular ones.

The qualified and professional team of commercial plumbers at Emergency Plumber London, are here to offer commercial plumbing services to establishments and buildings across London. We understand how frustrating blocked drainage, leaks and flooding can be for your business and so we make sure you don't have to bother about plumbing problems by giving you the best and efficient plumbing services. You can contact us for more information!


Hotels are buildings that are always filled up with different kinds of people, both workers and guests. In London hotels though, this continuous flow of people is multiplied because London is one of the most visited countries in, not just the UK but the world. As such, it is a very industrious city that invites so many people. Hotels in London don't just accommodate regular businessmen and women but also Tourists, families on vacation, as well as sports fans. For this reason, hotel pipework and drainage in London is considered very indispensable. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good and efficient hotel plumbing system in London so that your business can function smoothly.

Emergency Plumber London will give your hotel the best and most efficient plumbing and drainage system which will make it easier to manage your business and reduce pipework issues that would affect both staff and guests.

As the capacity of people staying in hotels is much, so is there an increase in the risk of developing various problems. These problems might terminate the length of guests stay in your hotel. For example, if there's no running water, as a result of leakage or a blocked pipe, guests would be forced to check out of your hotel because of the unbearable stench of the entire area or the unavailability of water. Emergency Plumber London is skilled in drainage clearing and leak repairs. We are always available 24 hours every day and we have an incredibly fast response team for urgent situations. We would ensure that the review of your hotel stays at the top because of the impeccable services we'll help you give your guests.

Here's a list of our services:

  • Urgent drain unblocking in hotels.
  • Fixing blocked drains in London.
  • Fixing blocked drains in London Hotels.
  • Fixing blocked toilets in London hotels.
  • Commercial drainage.
  • CCTV drain survey.
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The universal code of conduct in Restaurants is Cleanliness. Because restaurants are establishments that revolved around food, it is mandatory to keep them properly hygienic and also presentable. There are certain health laws that restaurants have to follow to ascertain the cleanliness or hygiene of customers and staff. That is why they demand different sorts of pipework and drainage system.

When managing a restaurant, it is essential to maintain a good plumbing and drainage system.

Buildings like hotels possess a higher risk of developing additional problems from just one. A regular building will have an issue with the pipework of its foundation that would cause a pipe to rupture. In a hotel, multiple pipes may likely rupture, which would cause more severe issues.

As hotels, restaurants are establishments that cater to a lot of people. This demands a lot of pipework, as well as drainage systems because not only customers make use of the plumbing system but workers in the establishment as well.

Emergency Plumber London boasts of very efficient pipework and drainage services that will help you maintain a strong and hygienic plumbing system.

We take care of problems like a blocked toilet, a leaking sink, flooded toilets, blocks and floods in office bathrooms, etc. Emergency Plumber London gives you the confidence you need to run your business without having to worry about blocked drains and leakages. We all provide a standby team for urgent plumbing issues anywhere in London.

Our Services Include:

  • Restaurant Plumbing in London.
  • Commercial plumbing and drainage services in London.
  • Urgent drainage services in London.
  • CCTV drain survey.
  • Urgent drain unblocking in London.
  • Leakages and blocked toilets in London restaurants.
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