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Cold Water Storage Tank Installation and Maintenance London

Everyone needs a water tank, and everyone loves the fact that water is stored for future use. But what everyone doesn't know is that the state of your water storage tank ultimately affects the quality of your water. Earlier on, water tanks used to be galvanised iron or asbestos. That meant as time went by, some unpleasant changes were noticed in the water. These days, change in times has led to the production of plastic water tanks, which is why you need Emergency Plumber London for the installation and maintenance of your cold water tank.

Iron tanks Vs water quality

Again, the type of tanks used earlier was mostly galvanised iron, which was usually placed in the roof space during construction of the house and not moved anymore. As time went by, these tanks, due to being regularly exposed to the sun and rain, ended up corroding and affecting the water stored in it.

Better tanks equal better water quality

With the plastic water tanks in use now, there is less chance of water quality being affected by corrosion. Although the quality of your water can be affected by certain factors, it only happens when the tank is exposed, or the lid is open.

Getting a new tank

Before getting a new tank, there are some important factors you must have considered before buying one. These factors include

  • The size of the water tank (in litres)
  • The position where it would be installed
  • The best installation service to call upon

The last factor takes serious consideration to avoid premature problems like leaking, soon after installation. This is why we at Emergency Plumber London will offer you the best team of professionals to install your new water tank. Also, consulting us at Emergency Plumber London will give you the advantage of having your water tank Installed in a perfect position.

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Installing the water tank

Installing a water tank requires a survey of the house in order to obtain the best water pressure for the outlets. This puts certain places and positions in consideration like showerheads and taps and must be done by professionals to get good results. This was why the former galvanised tanks were installed in roof spaces. Plastic tanks could still be installed in roof spaces, provided the loft space is big enough for the tank to pass through.

It has been established that the location of the storage tank is a major factor that must not be ignored. There are still other factors to be considered. They are;

  • The water storage tank must be accessible for maintenance and inspection
  • If located outside, UV protection should be considered
  • There should be thermal insulation to protect the tank and all pipework from extreme temperatures
  • The area where the tank is to be installed should have enough ventilation for maintenance of air flow.

We at Emergency Plumber London take all the above factors and more into consideration during the installation of the water tank. We also carry out a routine inspection (based on clients orders) of the water tank.

Servicing your water tank

A decline in the quality of water from your tank means it could be time for a plumbing service. Other signs you might notice that will require a call for a plumber include;

  • Warm water coming from the tank
  • Low water turnover, even with too much water in the tank
  • No lid on the tank
  • Water from the tank is coloured or has a strong smell

Any of the above problems can indicate problems with the water tank. You do not have to wait for any of these problems to surface before you take any action. Call us for a routine inspection of your water tank.

Why do I need professional help to inspect my water tank?

Checking the water quality goes beyond taking a look at the water that comes from the tank. It also involves inspecting the tank itself. When called for inspection, our services include the following;

  • Cleaning the tank (if the need arises)
  • Inspecting for any signs of corrosion
  • Checking for the position of the lid (if tightly fitted)
  • Visual inspection of the tank
  • Disinfecting the tank

Why is it important to have my tank inspected?

Inspection of water storage tanks annually helps to reduce the risk of legionella. Legionella is a group of bacteria that causes a pneumonia-type illness called legionnaires disease and also a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever.

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