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Burst Pipe Repair in London

A burst pipe can have dire consequences ranging from flooding in your home, costly damage to expensive repairs. Don't let this happen! Call Emergency Plumber London for rapid response to any burst pipe issue. We know how well to handle the problem of burst pipes.

What's a burst pipe?

Burst pipes are common plumbing issues. They happen mostly in cold weather when water within the pipe freezes and expands. The expansion will force the pipe to burst, and the water will rush out and cause flooding if not controlled. However, you need to realise that a pipe burst can happen at any time of the year, including summer.

This is why every homeowner must keep an eye on their pipes throughout the year and take care of any noticeable leaks that could be a potential danger. Isn't that smart?

Emergency Plumber London takes care of hidden leaks and pipework replacement throughout the London area. We do everything to keep your pipes safe and running all year round. All you have to do is call our attention, and it's done.

Causes of a pipe burst

The biggest cause of pipe burst is frozen water! But there are other reasons:

  • Ageing - This is one of the main reasons a pipe will burst! People usually think that plumbing pipes cannot fail, but the fact remains that over time, they eventually become weak due to rusting, especially when they are not maintained. A close partner to ageing is water pressure. Consistent water pressure plus ageing will split and burst a pipe.
  • Tree roots - The root of trees are always seeking for water. Thus, they grow towards any source of water close by. This movement can trigger a pipe burst, and the damage may be high especially when the pipe is underground
  • Poor installation - Poorly soldered pipe joints or weak connections can cause pipes leaks and eventual burst!
  • Hard water - Water containing minerals like magnesium and calcium can corrode pipes, boreholes in them, and let out water

It is therefore highly recommended that you look after your pipes and replace weak or rusty pipes. So many persons may not know how to do this, which is why you need a professional plumber like the Emergency Plumber London.

If you hire us as your routine pipe maintenance engineers, we will expertly handle your pipes from routine inspection to replacing any suspicious worn out pipe. Our services are very good and cost-effective.

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Warning signs of a leaking pipe

Most of the time, pipe burst are products of leaking or worn-out pipes. The following are tell-tale signs of imminent danger:

  • Wall stains - These stains could be visible or less obvious depending on where the pipe is. But if you see stains on the wall near your pipes, there's a chance that your pipes are leaking
  • Water discolouration - If the water flowing out of your tap is yellowish or brown in colour, it could be you've got a rusty pipe
  • Low water pressure - This one is very familiar. Several things could cause a reduction of water pressure including the build-up of mineral from hard water and pipe leaks

Have you noticed any of these in your home lately? Hurry now and call Emergency Plumber London to avoid severe and costly plumbing issues.

The Risks Of Having A Burst Pipe In Your Home

The most common risk of a pipe burst is flooding and water damage to your properties. Depending on the location where it happens, you may have water behind your walls, under the ground, under the floors, or even within your sitting room. Imagine how bad that would look.

Standing water can increase the chances of electric shock, and it's a safety hazard in itself. It can also become a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens.

Immediate Action is Necessary

Water tends to spread quickly, so, the key to keeping any danger to the barest minimum is to report any suspected or obvious case of a pipe leak or burst.

Having the phone number of a good plumber close by can help you get help as soon as possible.

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Emergency Plumber London is one reliable option you can have. We respond to every 24hr emergency service as quickly as we can. Our level of preparedness can take out any plumbing problems arising from burst pipes.

In the event of a pipe burst, you can try shutting off the water supply from the mains (if you know where the shut-off valve is located). This will definitely prevent more water from flooding the area until we come.

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