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Commercial Restaurants & Cafés

A restaurant is a business area concerned with the preparation and serving of food to customers. Restaurants are public places that house different people from different places. Due to this, the plumbing of a commercial place like a restaurant is different from the plumbing of a private home.

A good restaurant owner knows the important of good plumbing to his or her establishment. Believe it or not, but the plumbing system of your restaurant can contribute to the growth of your business through customer satisfaction.

It is not enough to go with just anyone for your restaurant plumbing, restaurant plumbing needs the right plumber, like us at Emergency Plumber London, to save your time and money and at the same time, give you the best service.

Call Emergency Plumber London today for your restaurant plumbing!

Appliances and installation for restaurant plumbing

Again, commercial plumbing is quite different from private plumbing, as well as the appliances. Although they can be the same, there are better appliances that are best suited for commercial use more than others, and only a professional can tell you that.

Restaurants need excellent hardware due to its everyday commercial use. Our team also has quality equipment and tools for the proper installation of these appliances. We guarantee you that the installations will be done excellently, so that problems don't break out prematurely, due to improper fittings and installations.

Bathroom plumbing

The bathroom of a restaurant is one place that is open to customers, aside from the diner. So it is imperative that a restaurant bathroom is in perfect state. The look of your bathroom will always be a reference point for customers and will determine if they will come back or not.

A well functioning and aesthetically attractive bathroom is pleasing to a customer and is a determinant on the state of your service (along with customer service of course). Our team of specialised plumbers will help you put together a well-suited bathroom for your restaurant.

You can give us a call for more information, and we will get back to you in no time.

Kitchen plumbing

This is the most important place in a restaurant. It is where all the meals and order are made and should be in excellent shape. A poorly managed kitchen spells bad for business. There should be innovative hardware to meet the demands of a fast-paced business like the restaurant business. All plumbing areas should work perfectly, and we are available to help you achieve that.

The plumbing work in your kitchen should be in proper shape and with Emergency Plumber London, you can be guaranteed of excellent plumbing for your kitchen.

Preventive maintenance

A restaurant should not experience failure in any of its plumbing systems. For instance, a leaking faucet or a malfunctioning toilet can affect your business through the impressions left in the minds of the customers.

Also, a plumbing issue in the kitchen can affect the output and pace of delivery to customers, causing a setback in business. Regular maintenance of plumbing systems in restaurants can prevent any of the problems mentioned above by keeping your plumbing system healthy.

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Some common restaurant problems

Problems can come up anytime, and in any area in the restaurant. Here are some examples;

1. In the kitchen

  • Gas Leak
    This is a serious safety hazard that shouldn't be taken lightly. It can affect the performance of the restaurant and affect both employees and customers. It is caused by corrosion of the gas lines due to wear associated with use. Contact us for a gas repair immediately, so it doesn't affect your business.
  • Blocked Drains
    It is common for restaurant drains to get blocked due to sediment build-up and backup of food and grease. Waste disposal units can also be affected by blockages as well. Our plumbers are experienced in clearing up blockages with no interruptions to your business. Call us today for an effective plumbing service.

2. In the bathroom

  • Leaking toilets
    Nothing can be more embarrassing than a leaking toilet in a restaurant. It does not leave a good impression in the mind of customers. At Emergency Plumbers London, we provide plumbing services to fix any leaks in your toilets and keep them healthy.
  • Broken toilets and faucets
    This could spell doom for a business when customers are unable to flush their wastes or wash their hands after using the convenience. In case it happens unexpectedly, you can call us for quick repairs to avoid embarrassments.
  • Backed-up bathrooms
    This can be expected at some point, depending on the in-flow of customers daily. However, it would not be wise to wait for it to happen, because it can give off a displeasing smell and cause problems in your restaurant. Fix this problem beforehand by ensuring the bathrooms are constantly maintained and serviced.

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