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24 Hour Central Heating Installation in London

The central heating system for a home is made to provide heat and keep the family warm when the need arises. In getting the central heating system to function at its best for a long time, it is important to have the parts and equipments that are of high quality and also make sure your installations are of great quality. When the components are not properly installed according to their specifications, there is the risk of frequent breakdown of the system. This can also make the system ineffective in its functionality, thereby increasing the heating bills and further problems.

The primaries of Central Heating

Mains gas central heating is one of the most typical heating methods used in many UK homes. This method of heating uses a system that has a boiler. This boiler uses gas to heat water and takes the responsibility of heating the entire house. The heat is supplied to every part of the house by the use of radiators and taps, which supplies the hot water. This heating method mostly uses natural gas with heating oil to power the boilers. For those without a gas connection, you can use an electric heating system.

To install a central heating system, you will need the following major items:

  • Gas boilers (or an electric boiler if you have no gas connection)
  • Radiators
  • Pipework
  • Water tanks

The central heating installation is a costly and labour-intensive process; this is why professionals like us are those you can trust for an effective and perfect installation. We will help you have a heating system that works at its best without having to make you spend so much money or energy.

Knowing when to make a change

How do you know your old heating system is screaming out loud for a replacement? Well, you will certainly know that when you are spending too much on fixing worn out parts and still not getting what you desire from the system. You may also need a change if you have been using the same property for a long time and just feel you are fed up with the trouble the old thing is giving you. Don’t get worried about how to go about this as our expert plumbers will guide through every step of the installation to make it seamless.

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Before you jump up on your feet and start ripping off every instalment, you had to replace them with something much better, speak to a professional. We are here for you. We will help you make a new design of a heating system that is compatible with your apartment, take off the old system and help you fix in the new one without having to put you through the stress of going through all of that on your own. We will also help you make calculations on the type and size of the radiator and the capacity that will be suitable for you based on the amount you can afford. Replacing and extending old underfloor piping is also our line of duty so you won’t need to panic if your property needs it.

Many homes are leaving the standard boilers behind to go for the more modern condensing boiler. This is because this modern boiler saves cost and energy. This greatly improved technology uses flue gases that are wasted in a standard boiler system. Depending on the model, it can be about 90% better than the traditional boiler; with this, you know it is worth having. It is easy to make the change. If the traditional boiler is what you have been using all this while, I recommend a condensing boiler for you; it is a more eco-friendly alternative.

The expected price for a central heating installation

Like earlier mentioned, it can be really expensive to install a central heating system. This is because of all the components needed. It is okay to install a heating system by yourself but it is recommended you get a professional installer like ours to do it.

The cost of installing a central heating system is dependent on how large the house is, the number of components involved, and how tedious the work may be. It may take from £2,180 - £5,500 to get your central heating system installed.

Freeing up space in your home

People often realize too much space has been taken because of the installation of the central heating system. We can help you with ideas that can help you free up some space in your home. This space can be better created when you have it in mind to change the heating system. This space is usually created if you have the perfect idea of where you can locate your tank or boiler. If you want us to help you do this, don’t forget to call us.

Space is also taken by using a traditional boiler because it needs a separate hot water cylinder in a cupboard, but a modern Combi boiler doesn’t. So you can have more space if you replace the traditional boiler with the modern.

Trust the professionals

No matter the type of boiler you want to use, always remember to look up to engineers to do it for you. You shouldn’t take crazy risks with your safety. When your heating system is installed by a professional, you will always find it to be long-lasting. Get peace and a consistent supply of heat by getting us to run your instalments for you.

If we get to handle your installations, we will address you from a checklist to be sure we observe all that is needed to be sure of your safety, and we also take our time to make you understand the process and shape the work will take.

We make sure your works are perfectly finished, so you do not have a tattered looking installation and trust me, you will love it. Your happiness is our priority, and it will always be.

The accredited installers you can trust

Many popular boiler brands have accredited us for the instalment of their brands. It is not in our place to push you towards the direction of one brand or the other, but we are always open for consultations. We will be truthful to help you choose the kind that is most suitable for you.

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Since we are accredited, we will offer you an extended manufacturer’s warranty on many boiler systems for up to 10 years. If your heating system is new and you are to install a new boiler, we will give you a warranty.

We are at your doorstep so you can reach us here. Contact us today on 020 34752302, and we will be glad to help out with the installation.

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