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Hidden plumbing leaks

While some plumbing leaks may seem minor and are easy to detect, so many others are quite difficult to find, and in fact, are entirely hidden. These are often dangerous and can cost you thousands of pounds for the repairer.

In addition to the unforeseen cost for repairers and damage caused, it can also increase your water bills. However, recognising the warning signs of a hidden leak is quite essential to mitigate against unnecessary expenses in the future.

If you have hidden plumbing leaks or are suspecting anyone, just pick up the phone and call us today!

Why should you stop hidden plumbing leaks?

As you already know, water leaks can be a daunting problem to have. Regardless of the situation at hand, what may have started as a slight drip can easily lead to flood that may cost you thousands of pounds. You may hate the idea of getting a plumbing company to fix your home leakages, but one thing is sure about water leaks, they won’t possibly fix themselves.

They only get worse over time, as well as cause mould and mildew that may affect the health of your family, if they are not fixed at their appropriate time.

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Do you possibly have a hidden leak?

Well, this is one hell of a question we often receive from past clients. You do not necessarily require an eagle eye to tell if there are hidden leaks in your home. There are few tips to help keep your plumbing leaks on the check, even when they are hidden.

Read on to get a clear glimpse or call 020 34752302 if you suspect any leak.

A quick shortcut to hidden leaks, how to tell the signs

Most plumbing leaks in the home are generally linked to some silent leaks in pipes, appliances, and fixtures. Well, we have outlined some guidelines to help you solve the puzzle, this may include the following

  1. Check your water meter for lapses

A significant way to uncover a plumbing leak is to keep an eye on your meter for some increase. Usually, the best time to consider a water meter test is when no one is at home. We recommend the following to ensure you get the best possible results:

  • Avoid using all water sources in your home for 3-4 hours, including indoor and outdoor appliances.
  • Take note of the number on your water heater
  • Wait for some time, say three to four hours
  • After the above, you can recheck your meter. It is important to note that if the meter has been ticking away, or display a considerable amount of changes, then you have a plumbing leak within your home.
  1. Compare your utility bills regularly

Ensure you compare all new utility bills you get from the previous bills. However, if you notice an increase in your bills, try to do a rundown on your routine daily activities, to be sure of the reason behind the sudden drift.

How do you hunt down hidden leak? Here are things to check out for

Well, you probably know how to detect for hidden leaks. However, when you want to identify a plumbing leak, the first places to check out should be pipes, sinks, toilets, shower heads, taps, water heaters and other vital areas of your home. There are ways to detect hidden leaks, and they may include the following:

  • Toilets

Toilets are one of the significant and essential areas of the house. When there are leakages in the toilet, it tends to accumulate more problems for homeowners.

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  • How can you test for leakages in the toilet?

You can test for leaks in your toilets, by adding food colouring in your toilet, while you wait for some minutes. When you notice this colour is no more in your toilet bowl within these few minutes, then your toilet has some leakages. This type of toilet leak can occur when the rubber seals in the toilet are worn out.

To fix them, you will need the help of a professional plumber to replace them. You can call Emergency Plumber London on 020 34752302, to schedule an appointment.

  • How to detect leakages in your water heaters

Water heaters can also have leakages. To detect leakages, check around the radiators for the presence of water puddles, if there are water puddles, you are almost sure of leaks.

You can also check the heaters connection for corrosion. Regardless, ensure you contact us for a proper inspection to be sure of leaks.

  • Detecting for leakages in your sinks, baths, shower heads, and taps

When your basins and sinks have some mould around the area or have some musty smells, these may be the sign of a leak. Hopefully, you can avoid leaks in these areas, by ensuring your taps and shower are entirely shut after use.

  • Leaks in washing machines and dishwashers

Leaks in washing machines and dishwashers are quite easy to detect. You can easily check for leaks around these areas by checking the pumps, valves, and hoses for the presence of discolouration.

It is important to detect leaks in washing machines and dishwashers early enough, as they quickly become an unavoidable issue when they break down. Ensure you replace the hoses soon enough to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Our engineers at Emergency Plumber London can also help you with fixing leaks from the water-based appliance. Call Emergency Plumber London today!

  • Leaks in the floor and carpets

If you notice a springy, loose or stained floor, then you may have a hidden water leak that is known to seep into the floor from close piping. More so, if you notice that your carpets are damp, then it could be a sign of water leaks in the floor being absorbed by your carpets. Sometimes, leaks in the floor are caused by nearby pipes around the area.

When a room appear cooler than others

Sometimes, the presence of leakages can make a living area seem colder than other rooms or area in the house. In essence, leaks can remove the heat from the atmosphere faster than air. Hence, if a place stays more relaxed than other areas, it could be as a result of a damp area pulling down the warmth.

You still can’t find the leak?

Just in case you have checked all your fixtures, fittings and all areas of your home for hidden leaks, and you are nowhere closer to detecting the leakages, well it might be time to get across to a plumbing professional.

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