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Bathroom Installation in London

When it comes to bathroom installation or refurbishment in London, Emergency Plumber London is the right place to contact! Be it small fixation or complete renovation of the bathroom, our experienced bathroom fitters have great expertise in handling the job for both commercial and domestic properties.

Our London-based bathroom fitters to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year services across the city. We always stay updated with the latest safety regulations to perform the job with safety compliances.

Bathroom Plumbing Professionals

Is it the expertise you want? We got it all. We have a dedicated, experienced, and highly trained team of engineers and technicians that have what it takes to refurbish your bathroom.

Our engineers are certified, and regularly trained on the latest bathroom plumbing plus we have a health and safety standard that is always maintained anywhere we work.

We will handle your bathroom with all the finesse we have to give it an improved look and aesthetic appeal that will leave you in awe. The fixtures will also be in good working condition after we're done.

Feel free to reach us at Emergency Plumber London. Our operation is laced with friendliness and transparency. Call on 020 34752302 to hire Emergency Plumber London now!

What about Estimates and Quotes?

We provide a free quote without any obligation for every bathroom installation. As a partner with many leading manufacturers, we can supply your bathroom suite at a subsidised amount without compromising quality. But if you have a bathroom suite already, we can give you an estimate for working hour time. Again, you get to have our job completion schedule. You can get all of these when you hire Emergency Plumber London; we are proficient!

How We do New Bathroom Installed and Refurbishment

We understand that your bathroom is a special and important part of your home, so we take care when installing your new bathroom fixtures. This is to provide you with a better bathroom experience after the upgrade.

You want to know how? This is how we do it to ensure the job is just perfect:

A Customer Survey

As it is our practise, we always find out what your needs are before upgrading your bathroom. Next is to check out your existing bathroom shape and size. With this information, we can provide you with a perfect fit for your bathroom at a 'no-obligation' free quote for the job.

We will also teach you if you have selected a new bathroom fixture from our catalogues or brochures to schedule a time to deliver it at your home.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Uninstall Your Existing Bathroom Plumbing

Before installing your new bathroom suite, we will turn off the water supply and then take out the current bathroom suite carefully. Other items like window blinds, cabinets, and others will now be removed.

Every old waste pipe will be removed and replaced with new, clean pipes and all electrical connections disconnected and capped off to ensure everywhere is safe.

Most interestingly, our operation will not mess up your home or office space. Our engineers will take off their boots and cover the workspace with protective material so that your home will be left clean and tidy without any damage to your home aesthetics.

Fixing The New Bathroom Suite

After clearing out your bathroom to receive the new suite, we will make all the arrangements for the new supply pipes and waste pipes for the bathroom sink, shower, toilet, and bathtub.

We will run the new pipes into position to accommodate the new bathroom fixtures, after which they will be fitted and carefully installed for use.

The water main will be turned on to see if the new pipe works have signs of leakage and the taps to ensure they are working. We'll check that your bathroom fixtures are level after which your bathroom fittings like blinds, cabinets and other items will be kept back in position.

The floors and walls will also be cleaned up, and you can go ahead and make use of your new bathroom.

How much does Bathroom Refurbishment Cost?

The price depends on:

  • The dimensions of your bathroom
  • The type of installation you need
  • The complexity of the job

All these factors affect the number of materials needed and the man-hour time to complete the job. On average, a bathroom installation can cost about £4,500.

We advise that you use a professional plumber, though it may cost more at first, the savings, in the long run, will be better than expensive repairs due to poor plumbing later on. Emergency Plumber London is your professional plumbing company in London.

What's The Time Frame For The Job?

We at Emergency Plumber London aim at providing you with fast, proficient and hassle-free bathroom installation for your comfort and convenience. However, the duration of installing a new bathroom depends on the type of upgrades you need. Bear in mind that the more complex the job, the more time it takes for completion.

But not to worry, our engineers at Emergency Plumber London will work as quickly as possible to re-brand your bathroom with a new look.

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