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Let’s get it straight; no one wants to go through the hassle of cleanup, as well as the potentials of water damage.

One of the major plumbing problems every homeowner's face is overflowing water. In essence, it is essential to take immediate action if this ever happens to you to militate against unnecessary risks in your home.

If you have any overflow concerns, contact us at Emergency Plumber London, to get your drains flowing perfectly.

Why avoid overflows?

When tub, toilet and other home fixture overflows, the effects are often damaging, especially when adequate actions are not taken promptly. An overflow can lead to the following:

  • Greywater containing some organic matter, such as hair, follicles or skin cells.
  • Flooding
  • Contaminated water containing faecal matter and urine can enter different parts of the home, which may lead to other health issues
  • It can result in extensive water or mould damage in your home.
  • Flooding from overflows can also cause damage to the exterior and interior part of the building.

At Emergency Plumber London, we help with different types of overflows in the home, including the following:

1. Overflowing sink

Overflowing sinks are hassles that can double your trouble and frustration when they occur. Most of the time, this problem is usually caused by grease and fat build-up within the pipes. Well, Prevention they say is better than cure, so we recommend you avoid pouring fat of any kind down the drain, as well as other foreign objects like food debris.

Tips on how to deal with an overflowing sink

Just in case sink overflowing does occur, you can apply some quick fixes to save your home from unnecessary damages.

It is preferable to call for professional help, which is why we are always on standby to pick your call. Contact us on 020 34752302, and we will be glad to help out with the overflowing sink.

If you want to fix it yourself, here are some guidelines below, for troubleshooting an overflowing sink:

  • Shut off faucets: you can shut all valves or faucets that feed water to the sink. This will avoid more water from making the underlying situation more complicated.
  • Get a large container to scoop the water: get a large bowl to eliminate as much water as possible from the sink. You can dispose of the water outdoors, in a sink or toilet, rather than using your bathtub drain to get rid of them. Use a towel afterwards to soak up the remaining water from the sink.
  • Get a plunger to unblock the drain: insert a plunger into the sink, while ensuring the rubber mouth sits over the drain hole in the sink. Push in an upward and downward trend several times without breaking the seal and see if the water subsides. Repeat the plunging process on the sink.
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2. Overflowing toilets

Sometimes, watching the water in your toilet suddenly rise to the brim can be quite disorganising, and can lead to increased anxiety for most homeowners. Overflowing toilets are usually as a result of either blockages or an error in the float mechanism, which are known to regulate the flow of water in the tank.

We can also help out with this.

How to fix an overflowing toilet

  • Turn off the water supply: the first safety precaution you should take when you notice an overflowing toilet is to off the toilets water supply. You can do this by turning the valve in an anti-clockwise direction to stop the water from flowing continuously into the toilet.
  • Lift the float cup or ball: if you can’t locate the valve to the toilet, you can always raise the float ball located inside the tank, raise it high enough to ensure that the water stops running. If the water continues to run, then turn off the general water supply to the house which is located in the basement close to the water heater. Once you’ve found the water supply, turn the knob or valve until the water completely stops running.

This should be able to provide an immediate solution to an overflowing toilet if the problem is as a result of a blockage. However, an overflowing toilet caused by sewer backups cannot be easily fixed by just turning off the main water supply to your home.

  • Use a small cup to drain excess water: ensure you put on a pair of disposable gloves, while you use a small container or bucket to remove excess water from the bowl.
  • Get a plunger: place a plunger over the centre of the toilet hole, while using a downward pressure to slowly dislodge the mass, to allow water to escape through the plumbing. Remove foreign objects from the toilet using a drill.
  • Contact a plumber: if after the entire process and overflowing continues, then you should contact a plumber. Some chronic overflowing can also be difficult to stop with a mere plunger. However, if this sounds like what you are facing, contact a plumber to examine the external plumbing vents of your home. Generally, when your external vents are blocked, it can cause your toilets to overflow from either the bowl or tank.

For quick help, contact us at emergency plumber London.

3. Drain inspection

Generally, the drains in our home are often under continuous strain, by ensuring that the sewage and wastewater smoothly move from your home sewer system to the mainline. Because of this, we believe it is essential to frequently clean and inspect the drain to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

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