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9 Smart Tips to Consider for Bathroom Renovation

Whether you want to enjoy the hot showers after a long day at work or have to expect on your plan, the washroom is your private space. Renovating the bathroom is essential due to two factors. Firstly, it keeps the infrastructure safe, and secondly, a newly renovated bathroom would complement the décor of your home. But what needs to be considered before starting your washroom renovation? How will you plan for your estimated budget? To get answers to your questions, here are nine essential tips to consider before bathroom remodelling. These will beautify your personal space and ensure functionality, making every visit a great experience.

1. Plan your design, budget and timeline

Creating a solid plan and proper budget is necessary with any home renovation project. It gives you and your labourer adequate guidelines to follow and stick to it. Thus, you will have a better understanding of the entire cost of your project. Though some projects may exceed the budget during unforeseen circumstances, you can easily maintain track of all costs with a drafted budget.

2. Sufficient ventilation

Ventilation usually gets neglected or lessened when renovating your washroom. Bathrooms are naturally prone to dampness, and building codes will need proper ventilation when there is a shower or tub. Ventilation usually comes in the form of window vents and exhaust fans. Windows allow pollen and traffic pollution, and you will waste a lot of energy by depending on open windows during winter to ventilate your bathroom. Externally vented exhaust fans on timers are suitable for preventing ventilation problems. Your contractor will help you decide where they should install them in the bathroom for the most effective airflow.

3. Plumbing issues

If it is a leaky faucet or wall, you must search for the construction material or best faucets. Often, there is leakage due to faulty plumbing, which is why you should renovate the washroom, as it can scrape down, or renovation is possible with only a few fixtures. One factor to consider when choosing plumbing is residential plumbing uses 1 ½ inch pipes for drains. However, selecting 2-inch pipes for the shower drains is recommended as they carry lots of sludge thus, increasing the chances of clogging quickly.

4. Bathroom showerheads and faucets

The faucets and showerheads of are crucial at the time of remodelling your bathroom. The flow in pressure, look, feel, and ease of functionality have the potential to either uplift or downgrade your mood. Minimal flow in faucets may increase the time to wash, and more flow causes water wastage. It is made with cutting-edge 3D modelling software, which ensures top design functionality and technical specifications. So, each faucet will perform a 5-lac test cycle to ensure the final product lasts longer.

5. Choose your tiling

Selecting suitable tiles can take up lots of time, making your bathroom renovation budget high. If you have a large bathroom, you can install large tiles, which are easy to clean and fit appropriately in more significant dimensions. You may select from dark or pastel shades to white or off-while tile patterns. On the other hand, for a small bathroom, you can install tiles diagonally or in a diamond shape, making the space appear larger. When your bathroom has a curved silhouette, use smaller tiles so that it does not overpower your bathroom decor. It can be straightforward to tile your bathroom by following the steps carefully to save money in the long run.

6. Apply fresh paint coat in your bathroom

Putting a fresh coat can go a long way to make the bathroom appear brighter and revitalised. Painting the walls with the right colour will eliminate all the marks and wear and tear that can bring out the potential of your room. You may temporarily paint the tiles to update them until you can complete the bathroom renovation.

7. Addition of proper lighting

Lighting is essential when designing and renovating your bathroom. You will want to distinguish bad bathroom lighting as it destroys the overall look and utility of the area. Natural lighting makes the bathroom feel airier and brighter, with many windows added to the design. If your bathroom design has more than one window, you may want to add a mirror and lighting where you face the windows. No matter how good your natural lighting appears, you will require good artificial lighting, too. Some modern vanities consist of built-in lighting that provides a broad-spectrum light to give a natural appearance to your skin.

8. Upgrade with what you have

If you have a restricted budget, then updating some furniture and hardware in the bathroom is essential. It is a quick and easy way to brighten the space and create a huge difference. Changing taps, handles, lighting, roll holders, and drains can give your bathroom a new look and modernise it. Discounted products that look modern and provide a completely new look are available.

9. Use green and water-conserving technology

If you want to continue with your savings after renovating a bathroom, then using greener and water-conserving technologies will help to make your home more efficient. It can help to save water and money in the long run. Selecting shower heads, sinks and toilets with low-flow technology saves you money, water and the environment. It can help improve the EPC rating, which buyers must consider when purchasing a property.

Thus, a bathroom remodeling can be an exciting opportunity to upgrade the space you have always wanted. Doing it in the right way will require you to think carefully about your exact requirement. When planning to renovate your bathroom, contact bathroom fitters who know their work well and can help with the proper installation. Make sure you ask them about the costs for bathroom upgradation so that you can give it a completely new look and it fits within your budget. We pride ourselves in providing exclusive deals on tiles, making them an affordable option for upgrading your bathroom. Contact us when you need emergency plumbing services for your bathroom, and get it done by our plumbing experts in London.

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