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10 Ways to Identity Plumbing Issues and Solve Them

Are you among those homeowners who have made it a habit to deal with different plumbing problems almost every day? If yes, then the warning signs are sufficient for you to detect the plumbing issue and resolve them as soon as possible. But, if you are a new homeowner, then you won’t be able to notice the warning signs so easily. Thus, you will need to hire a professional plumber associated with reputed plumbing companies in London who can deal with all kinds of plumbing problems and resolve them immediately. Read on to know more about the 10 most common plumbing problems that must be dealt with right away so that you can avoid expensive repairs in the future.

  1. Increase in water bills – If there is a sudden rise in the water bills then it is necessary to detect the internal fault behind it. Different plumbing problems may begin that can be the reason for high bills such as – leaky pipes, toilet and dripping faucet and so on.

    Be sure to take into consideration the time of the year as for example, during the summer, you are likely to use more water or if you have guests visiting often which too may be the reason behind the higher water bills. However, if you have taken into consideration any of those factors and your bill is still high, then you could have a plumbing issue that needs attention.
  2. Strange noises – If you find unusual noises coming from the drains or pipes, then this might be due to banging, gurgling, humming, whistling and rattling. Banging noises take place in case there is some problem with the water pressure due to water hammers or air bubbles. Besides that, humming noises indicate the water pressure is higher than the system can manage. This denotes the pipes and will make them vibrate and thus, cause some noise. Thankfully, there is a problem that you can solve by yourself with some adjustments.

    Gurgling is another common strange noise at the time of draining water that occur due to blocked pipes. You need to hire a plumber to deal with the problem of rattling pipes. This is because it is usually hidden behind the ceilings, walls or floors. Whistling noise occurs due to time when certain components seem to wear out due to which the valves and faucets cannot function properly. Lastly, a whistling noise comes with age when particular components start to wear out, meaning that the faucets or valves are unable to function efficiently.
  3. Slow drains – Blocked pipes lead to gurgling noises that makes it quite difficult for the water to drain out. The blockage will differ between a partial and a complete clog. Though a plunger may loosen up the blockage, it is not possible to remove it completely and so, you need the help of a drain cleaner.

    You may invest in sink strainer that collects all the dirt, hair and debris that enable the water to flow easily. A strainer may be used in the shower or bath together with the kitchen sink.  When you need to dispose the oil, make sure you don’t pour it into the sink. Rather, take a jar for storing the oil that can be taken at the recycling centre afterwards.
  4. Corrosion of pipes – You will have to invest time in detecting the exact condition of your pipes. You may check the bathroom as well as the kitchen cabinets to find any signs of rust and corrosion on the pipes. Since corrosion indicates water leakage, it may damage your floors and surrounding areas, if not fixed on time.

    Various factors might be the reason for corroded pipes like oxygen in the water. Another reason for rust might be when the pipes hold water constantly having lower pH. Though this issue is common for copper piping, low pH will destroy the protective layer of the pipes thus, allowing rust to occur easily.
  5. Low water pressure – This is related to how quickly water comes from the tap. If you find droplets of water coming out, then this means that the water pressure is low. It is advised to check all the tops before detecting if there is low water pressure.

    It is essential to ensure that you check all taps in the house before determining whether you have low water pressure. One by one, run water, both hot and cold, in each room to identify whether the problem is only in a particular location or in all rooms. If there is only an issue when running hot water, it is likely to be a fault in your water heater rather than the pipework itself.

    If low water pressure is only present in some of the taps within the house, then this might be due to clogged faucet. You might solve this issue by removing the faucet and cleaning the aerator by soaking it with vinegar and water. After it gets re-assembled, if the water pressure is still low, then you will have to buy a replacement aerator.
  6. Dripping faucets – These can be really annoying when you try to sleep at night and you hear dripping noise constantly. Even though you fix the faucet tightly, it fails to work and you waste water continuously thus, leading to increased water bills.

    You can solve this problem easily which normally occurs due to damaged washer from wear and tear. Washers are necessary for all taps that enable to stop the water from coming when it is turned off. Usually, washers are made of silicone or rubber that become dislodged, stiff or begin to tear due to age. This lets droplets of water to come from the taps which causes constant dripping.
  7. Leaky pipes – This is the most expensive of all kinds of plumbing issues as you have to replace the pipe for solving the problem. Some temporary repairs can be done such as fitting the compounds but you need to hire a plumber for replacing the pipe works.  If you do not fix a leaky pipe, then this can be the reason for corrosion, excessive water pressure and cracks that usually get unnoticed till the damage has already occurred. Leaks can be detected easily as you can spot a puddle in the pipes or dampness into the sinks.

    Water pipes burst and lead to leakages in the winter months due to low temperatures. The water expands as it freezes by increasing the pressure in the pipes. However, the pressure will get worse over time that causes the pipes to rupture. You can prevent the problem of frozen pipes by insulating the water tanks and pipes properly.
  8. Mould on the walls – The mould occurs due to the accumulation of excessive condensation and moisture that causes plumbing leakages. Though mould causes brown and green spots on the walls, it may be extremely harmful for your health.

    Inhaling mould may leave a negative impact on your respiratory system that begins to inflame the airways.  When you have short exposure to mould, then this may be the reason for wheezing, throat irritation, coughing and chest tightness. On the other hand, long term exposure can make it difficult for the lungs to function properly that can lead to health concerns such as asthma.
  9. Strong smell – If the blocked drains have strong odor, then you can spot it from any part of your house. One major cause for blocked drain is trapped food that gets rotten once it decomposes thus, forming bad odor.

    When you notice blocked drains due to the accumulation of food, then this can be solved easily. You have to fill the sink with bleach and hot water to enable the mixture to pass through the pipes till the food disappears completely.
  10. Running toilet – If water flows continuously even after flushing the toilet, then this means that you have a running toilet. This can be annoying just like a dripping tap. In order to solve the problem, you will need to do some inner part replacements. Toilets usually run when there is some problem with the flapper valve that enables the water to pass easily from the tank to bowl. When it becomes imbalanced, it cannot prevent the water from flowing constantly.

By investing sufficient time in research work and having proper maintenance, several problems of the water system can be solved as soon as possible. This will also reduce the chances of having costly faults and ensure that you keep your eyes open for any changes related to plumbing issues. Thus, the longer you may leave a problem unsolved, the more serious it might turn. These days, search strings like, “local plumbers near me” will enable you to contact a good plumber in your area and resolve plumbing issues quickly.

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