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6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

The toilet suddenly backed up, and you have no plunger available! How can you unblock a toilet without making use of a plunger?! Is there anything you can do apart from hiring toilet unblocking service provider? Well, Yes!

Join us as we show you some helpful tips.

Think Swiftly

Switch off the toilet's water supply system because this will protect the weird overflow of toilet shudder/debris, and clean up after.

Unblock a toilet smartly

There are still hopes left even in a situation whereby you do not have a plunger that you can use to unblock the toilet. Thinking of how you can unblock a toilet without making use of a plunger? We have all you need to know.

  • Bailout

If there is an overflow in your toilet, you will be required to manually get rid of some water to create space for more bowl additions needed to get rid of the blockage.

  • Lubricate

Smoothen the path to breakthrough by making use of generous little squirts of shampoo or dish soap, or maybe little slivers of bar soap if available.

  • Loosen

Carefully pour one gallon of hot water inside the bowl. Hot water can crack your toilet's bowl porcelain. Boil the water at a temperature you can comfortably drink hot tea, letting it sit for about twenty minutes.

  • Wait

Right after some minutes, the hot water you poured into the bowl should have broken up toilet paper and solids, and the applied soap should assist in sliding down the pipe. If after some minutes a flush does not work, the first three steps can be repeated, or move to the next step. Make sure you are on guard in case there is a need to switch off the water valve to prevent an overflow.

  • Shake things up

You can pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar if you have them lying around,  as this can assist in breaking things up and moving them along. This mixture will profusely bubble and fizz, so be sure to get rid of excess water from the bowl before you proceed. These two prevents backsplash or overflow and makes the solution concentrated. If any of these steps we have talked about have proven not to work for you, it is probably time to go to step 5, or give up on it and reach out to an emergency plumber London.

  • Persuade

If everything you have tried failed and there is a wire coat hanger available in your house,  you can unravel it then use it to stir up things and carefully push the shudder down the pipe until you can flush the toilet successfully.

As soon as the wire is straightened, attach a rag at the pointed edges by making use of duct tape to prevent the hanger from giving scratches to the toilet's porcelain.  Be sure to wear a pair of disposable, long gloves if you decide to try this out, for reasons you should know about. 

Push and twist the wire into the drain in a circular manner, clearing it by pushing against the obstruction. If the obstruction can't be felt by you, it is possibly out of your reach.

Call for Backup

Even after all your efforts, you may sometimes still require backup for your backup. The moment things are not going along in a manner that they are supposed to, secure yourself and your floors with guaranteed toilet unblocking services of London Emergency Plumbers.

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