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How to Improve Your Boiler’s Efficiency

A boiler is an essential appliance in the home which is heavily used to supply hot water and heat. During the freezing weather, we all need a warm environment through even heating & free access to hot water in your home. Optimum functionality of the boiler is very necessary to make the home comfortable.

When a boiler becomes inefficient, the household energy bills will increase significantly making you spend more money. It will also make your radiators lukewarm before it would finally breakdown.

Fortunately, there are few ways to improve your boiler’s efficiency and get working well again. Here are a few tweaks you could do: 

ANNUAL BOILER SERVICE: Just like your car, you should give your boiler a nice treat. Choose to have a professional boiler service at least once a year. This will ensure it continues to function smoothly for a reasonably long time. An annual boiler service by a well trained heating engineer should avoid the breakdown of your appliance during the freezing winter. It will also help identify any minor issues with the boiler so that it can quickly be fixed.

MAINTAIN A CLEAN BOILER: A dust-free boiler will save you a fortune. Try to keep your boiler dust-free; this will prevent the blocking of tubes & pipes which could affect its performance and also spike your energy bills.

You should hire an best boiler service company London to help you clean the interiors of your boiler during the regular boiler service. Do not attempt cleaning the boiler’s interior yourself.

BLEED ALL YOUR RADIATORS: Bleeding is a minor maintenance task that will improve the heat efficiency of your radiators.To find out if your radiators need to be bled, simply fire up the heat and observe for some minutes to find out how long it took to warm up. Also, check out if the top of the radiators to see if there are cold spots.

REGULATE THE PRESSURE: The efficiency of your boiler can be affected by a drop in its pressure. To know if the pressure is still at good level, assess the boiler pressure gauge; a healthy pressure is about 1.0 to 1.5 bar. If it reads a different pressure, there is a need to regulate the pressure.

POWERFLUSH: If your radiators are still not getting hot after the bleeding, you should consider power flushing. We can blame the accumulation of deposits in the pipes and radiators for the lack of heating. This accumulation of sludge can cause corrosion of the central heating system. Through powerflushing, water will be sent through the central heating system at a very high speed to dislodge all the build-ups of deposits or sludge, debris and rust.  This will promote improved efficiency of your boiler.

So to perform powerflushing, youwould require the services of a well trained heating engineer to help you fix it. For a emergency boiler repair in London, you can contact us at Emergency Plumber London to offer a professional powerflushing service.

PIPES INSULATION: Once you insulate your pipes, your boiler will no longer have to work too hard. You can insulate the central heating pipes by lagging themwith foam tubes which are easy to fit. This will significantly reduce heat loss and also save you some money.

TURN ON THE HEAT: Your boiler is liable to stop heating if left for a while. Prolong working of the boiler can lead to a critical breakdown. So in warmer months, try to switch on your heating once weekly for about 15 minutes. This will prevent it from breaking down.

Not Working?

If after you tried out all these tweaks and your boiler is still inefficient in its functions, you can contact a reliable boiler service company. At Emergency Plumber London, we are experienced in providing boiler service, boiler installation & boiler maintenance service.

Book a free appointment with us via telephone on 020 31371718, and one of our well trained heating engineers will come to your facility for a survey.

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