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How to Fix a Water Heater Pilot Light

The moment a water heater pilot light goes off, it usually denotes that the flame was extinguished by a natural change in pressure of the gas. The major thing one will use to know that if a pilot light is out the water will not get warm. It is crucial to know the way to turn on your water heater's pilot light in order for you to get the flame going and get your house showers up again. Also, you can call water heater repair services in London to make sure that there is no accidental release of gas into the house as a result of a broken flame sensor.

Steps to follow to light the pilot light of your water heater

It is necessary to oblige with the instructions which can be found on the water heater you bought — instructions are different for several models. Nevertheless, in gas-powered water heaters, you should begin by initially looking for the shut-off valve of the gas which is on the water heater; it is normally labelled on the front lower part of the heater. Turn "Off" the knob and wait for about five minutes for the gas to clear before you follow these steps:

  1. Open the cover/door above the access to the pilot light. This can be seen beneath the gas valve; though, few water heaters possess an open gap where the pilot light burner can be seen.
  2. Make use of a headlamp or a flashlight to look for the burner inside. You will be led to it by two gas tubes.  You will need to watch it as you're working.
  3. Switch the knob of the gas to "Pilot," then press and hold it firmly. This will make the flow of gas begin in order for you to light the flame. There is a separate button to switch to pilot mode in some water heaters, usually a red one, which you will press and hold.
  4. While you're still holding down the gas, light the "Pilot." Few water heaters possess black or red button for igniting, while you need to make use of a long lighter to manually light some.
  5. Keep on holding the gas button or knob when the flame lights up, do this for a full minute. Then slowly release it and make sure the light is still lit.
  6. Turn "On" the gas knob, then listen attentively for that unique "whump" or whooshing noise from the major burner igniting.
  7. Replace its cover and enjoy your hot shower.

Although a pilot light that suddenly goes off is normally caused by a change in the gas pressure, the water heater has a problem if the malfunction happens repeatedly. A common problem which results to repeat pilot light outages is a bent or dirty thermocouple, which is a little rod and copper wire that notices the flame and automatically turns off the gas as soon as it senses a flame outage. At that time, you can call out for water heater installation & repair company in London for thorough inspection and repair.

What is a Thermocouple in Water Heater?

In the water heater of these days, a thermocouple is mostly called a flame sensor. It's possible you have a dirty, bent, or broken thermocouple if the pilot light still goes off after you've followed the lighting steps above. If it is bent and is not close to the burner, you can just shut off the gas and move it over, then attempt lighting the pilot again.

If that approach does not work, clean the thermostat; shut off the major gas line close to the heater and also the valve of the gas water heater. Remove the three nuts using a screwdriver and hold the two gas tubes and the thermocouple to the valve. It is easy for the burner to slide out. Use a vacuum to bring out the burner ports, then clean the thermocouple's rip by using steel wool and microfiber cloth. If the problem is not taken care of by this, you can go to any hardware store to purchase a thermocouple which costs less than $15.

If the problem of your thermocouple is more than you can handle, or if you are ready for a more efficient model, you should not hesitate to hire water heater repair services by Emergency Plumber London to help you restore hot water to your household.  We have licenced experts who are ready to help you, and water heaters are simply one of our favourite water and plumbing appliance to upgrade and fix.

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