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7 Ways to Get Rid of Bathroom Odors

Imagine the embarrassment of a visitor perceiving an unpleasant smell from your bathroom when they visit; it is not encouraging. Different conditions in your bathroom can result in unpleasant bathroom odour, including poor ventilation, poor cleaning and many other conditions. Some bathrooms still do not smell well despite the frequency of cleaning.

If you have bathroom odour in your home, below are some tips you should consider to restore a fresh smell to your bathroom.

  1. Ventilating your bathroom

Lack of ventilation might just be the cause of that bad odour you have been experiencing in your bathroom. Lack of ventilation in bathrooms can make the air in your bathroom to be moisty which enhances the growth of mildew. Simple, fresh air can reduce odour in your bathroom that is why you should open the windows or turn on the fan at all times to circulate fresh air in your bathroom.

  1. Air drying of towels and bath mat

Air drying your towel immediately after use is very important; it prevents your towel from mould growth, which might lead to a smelly bathroom. For your towels to dry faster, you should hang them separately on the rack leaving enough space between them so that they can have access to enough air to dry. You should also wash your bath mat regular to get rid of mould. Using hot water and white vinegar to wash your bath and proper drying afterwards helps to get rid of the bad odour from mould growth. 

  1. The use of desiccants

When your bathroom is moisty for a long time, mildew might start growing, which can result in the bad odour of your bathroom. Using desiccants helps to absorb moisture preventing the growth of mildew. Desiccants can either be synthetic such as silica gel or from plant origins such as ferns and lily, which help to remove bad odour from your bathroom, leaving it smelling fresh. Desiccants are toxic if swallowed, you must keep it out of the reach of children, keeping them in a small plastic container with holes on the lid

  1. Leak Check

Leaky pipes, sink or toilet can cause odours in bathrooms. You can contact Emergency Plumber London to fix your leaky toilet, pipes, sink or any other kind of toilet installation and repair. We can replace the seal under the toilet that causes flooding water on your floor.

  1. Clean the Drain

The embarrassing smell from your bathroom can be as a result of a blocked drain. You can get rid of this bad odour by cleaning your drain with baking soda and vinegar down the drain, leaving it for 30 minutes before pouring hot water to stop the reaction. Otherwise, hire the service of a 24-hour emergency plumber in London who will clear the clogged drains for you to avoid the havoc wreak of your home.   

  1. Scrub your bathtub

You should scrub your bathtub regularly and allow it to dry after each use. Your shower curtain should also be washed from time to time to prevent mould growth.

  1. Removing dirt from the bathroom

You should empty the dust bin in your bathroom regularly because it results in bad odour in the long run. Plug-in air fresheners can be used to control the odour of your bathroom.

Unpleasant bathroom odour can make you uncomfortable and can be embarrassing when you have visitors. You can contact Emergency Plumber London today on020 34752302 to fix any plumbing issue that can result in unpleasant bathroom odour.

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