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10 Situations You Require Emergency Plumbing Services

Do you know most plumbing components are meant to last for several years? Well, the normal wear and tear can take a toll on them. Every homeowner experiences plumbing emergencies at some point of time in their life. But sometimes homeowners do not know when a plumbing problem can become an emergency. 

When you detect any plumbing problem and prevent the flow of excess water without shutting down the entire household’s access to water, you may possibly have to wait for resolving the issue during business hours. In case you fail to stop the smell of gas, water or have sewage backing up in your home, you need to call your plumber right away.

When you require a plumber right away

As every situation is different, there are some guidelines which separate regular plumbing problems from plumbing emergencies. Any kind of plumbing problem that results in serious damage to the property or puts people in danger should be considered an emergency. Below are some situations that require immediate attention:

  1. Burst water pipe – When there are cracks in water pipes, this may occur due to whether they are made of steel, plastic or copper. Using a broken pipe may produce nearly 200 gallons of water in one day which causes significant damage to property. If you find a burst pipe, try to shut off main water supply and call for emergency plumbing services. Turn off electricity in your house when you can do it in a safe way. When a burst pipe fills your basement with water, it is important to stay out of water due to probability of electrocution. If small amount of water has accumulated only, you need to turn off t power and wait for emergency plumbing repair
  2. Leaky pipe – Many houses are losing almost 90 gallons of water in a day due to leaky pipes. This can waste water and increase bills as leaky pipes seem to be costly damage to the property. Even a small leakage may turn into an emergency when it is not repaired on time. So, whether it is a small leak or a big one, make sure you repair them quickly in order to lessen the damage.
  3. Broken main water line – The water main line links plumbing system in your house to public water supply. Homeowners are generally responsible for any kind of water main repairs from curb to their property. Broken water mains may lead to considerable damage to your house if they are not detected and repaired soon. Some signs of broken main water line are – unexplained water bills, low water pressure, soggy areas in the yard and poor quality of water. When water lines become old, they may be vulnerable to the effects of thawing, freezing, accumulation of minerals and ground movement. As water mains are buried underground, it may require sometime to detect a leak. The plumbers use necessary tools for detecting the source of leak soon.
  4. Clogs – Having a single clog in the sink is something which can be cleared by using a plunger. If there is a clog you cannot clear or clogs in several fixtures, there may be serious problem in the drainage system. Clogs may lead to leaky pipes and serious damage to your property. Serious clogs may cause leaks which lead to structural damage or raw sewage backups. It is necessary for clogs to be located and cleared quickly. Ignoring frequent clogs may be the reason for damage to pipes that can be replaced completely, leading to higher expenses.
  5. Frozen water pipes – When you stay in an area where there is rare freezing temperature, it is necessary to protect water pipes from freezing. When the water in a pipe freezes, the pipe can expand causing cracks. This means when water pipe thaws, it can cause flooding risk. When there is a frozen pipe, begin with thawing process quickly and do it in a proper way. Frozen pipes need to be thawed safely and a plumber knows how to do it properly and inspect damage when pipe thaws. 
  6. Gas leakages – The plumbers often work with natural gas furnace and copper pipes. If there is the smell of sulphurous odor around your house, try to evacuate immediately and call an emergency plumber. Leaky gas can be an emergency situation which should be handled by a professional only. Gas leakages may lead to severe damage to the property and poisonous carbon monoxide. When there is gas leakage, evacuate people without delay and call for instant help.
  7. Clogged sewer line – If there is a blockage in the sewer line, this may lead to extreme consequences which require emergency plumbing services. Having several clogs in drain, water pooling and gurgling sounds which come from plumbing fixtures are some signs of sewer system backup. In case a sewer line backs up, the sewage sits at the backup point causing health hazard. When a clog is serious, raw sewage may back up in the house and put the family at risk. You need to call a plumber for necessary solution to your problem immediately.
  8. Overflowing toilet – Having an overflowing toilet can be an emergency and it may indicate more significant plumbing problem. While you are waiting for the plumbing to reach your place, shut off water to the toilet and do not try to unclog or flush it on your own.
  9. Faulty water heater – Homeowners usually call for water heater services as the water is either very hot or cold. There are other water heater problems which require quick attention. When you find any noticeable leaks or strange noises, it should be dealt with properly. Having a leaky water heater may require repair but sometimes leakages can lead to serious problems. There are rare cases when leaky water heater denotes water pressure building up within the task causing explosion.
  10. Failure of sump pump – Sump pumps can prevent flooding and accumulation of water leading to extreme damage to property. Having a sump pump system can direct water from the basement to a sump pit. When the sump pump does not work properly, your house might be at greater risk due to serious water damage. Signs of failing sump pump are – irregular cycling and strange noises. You need to call a plumber without delay than trying to attempt a DIY fixture. But hiring a professional for necessary repair is less costly than repairing extensive water damage to the property.

Thus, plumbing problems seem to happen during the night or weekends. When you experience a plumbing emergency, use search strings like “local plumbers near me” and find a plumber in your area to avoid unwanted costs that may arise due to delay in future.

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