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10 Most Common Commercial Bathroom Problems

Problems in the bathroom plumbing are not unheard of, both in private homes and commercial business places. These problems, when they arise in commercial bathrooms, can give an unprofessional impression in the mind of customers and clients. As a result, it is very important that any plumbing bathroom issues that may come up in a commercial setting be handled by a professional plumber as quickly as possible.

Outlined below are 10 of the most serious and embarrassing bathroom problems that can come up in a public place.

Silent leaks

Sometimes, even without several people noticing, pipes can leak behind the walls. The pipes from water silently and continuously, causing a hike on water bills. Once you notice an inexplicable hike on water bills, you should call a plumber immediately to locate the leak. Salvaging this problem can also prevent damage to properties due to water leaks.

Breakdown of internal toilet parts

Commercial bathrooms are frequently used more than the bathrooms in our homes. This can cause one or two things in the inner toilet part to breakdown. Once you notice or experience a fault in your commercial toilet, like problems flushing, call for a plumber immediately and do not try to fix anything yourself if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Drain blockage

Unfortunately, commercial sinks of a bathroom are mostly used carelessly, whereas the ones at home are handled more carefully. Bits and pieces of particles and dirt end up going down the drain more often in a commercial environment, causing a complete blockage in the drain or a slow drain. This can negatively affect your business and leave a bad impression in the minds of your customers.

Sewer smells

Nothing is as discomforting as the terrible smell of sewage in a working environment. It discredits you around your clients and employees if nothing is done about it. Contact a plumber as quickly as possible once you notice a sewage smell, because this can indicate a sewage backup.

Reduced water pressure

The decrease in water pressure can show examples in the form of trickling taps or toilets that slowly refill after flushing. Whichever form it takes, it should not be ignored. This reduced water pressure could be as a result of water line breakage or the presence of build-up in pipes.

Leaking Taps

Water leaking from the taps after it has been shut in your bathrooms and sink is a major problem to consider. Sometimes, the leak can be from the pipes beneath the sink. Leaking taps can damage structures, not to mention the unnecessary hike they place on water bills.

Water temperature problems

Even in commercial places, water heaters can also breakdown, due to sediment build-up and any other factor. Notify a plumber once you notice problems with your water heater. The problem will be identified and rectified.

Blocked toilet

Although commercial sinks clog more easily than private sinks, commercial toilets are not so easily blocked. Some toilets block more often, but whatever the case might be, you can try using a plunger to open up the blockage. If this doesn't work, call a plumber who provides bathroom refurbishment and installation service in London for immediate repairs.

Broken toilet handles

It is advised that commercial toilet handles be imputed with buttons or even motion sensors. These can withstand aggressive use and prevent embarrassing situations of broken toilet handles in commercial toilets.

Running toilet

Toilet problems are the most common plumbing problems people experience. One of such issues is the leak that occurs when the toilet has been flushed. It could be small leaks or major outflow from toilet blockages. Thus, you must hire toilet installation and repair service in London to get it fixed as soon as possible and prevent your home from extensive damage.

Having any of the plumbing issues mentioned above requires the expert services of a professional plumber. Do not try to fix any plumbing problems you might have if you are not experienced or qualified. Visit our website to contact any of our professional, experienced and skilled plumbers for repairs of your broken and leaking pipes.

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