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Do you need Saniflo engineers for installation and repairs in Kensington? Our saniflo engineers at Plumber Kensington can help you with any saniflo challenge you might be encountering. You can convert almost any space in your home with a Saniflo system. It is ideal for toilets, bathrooms, loft conversions, kitchens and utility rooms as well. Just by installing Saniflo, small space can be turned into a bathroom, toilet that will not support the gravity flow plumbing system.

Engineers at Plumber Kensington provide quality Saniflo installation and repair services in Kensington. You can always trust our team of engineers to do a good job. We are professionals — we maintained a high-quality service, and maximum customer satisfaction is guaranteed in all our services.

Hiring professionals at Plumber Kensington for your saniflo installation and repairs guarantee quality service. If you need your saniflo system installed or repaired by professionals, do not hesitate to call Plumber Kensington on 02071833879.

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Saniflo Installation Kensington

Do you need professionals to install a saniflo system in your home? You should not look too far; Plumber Kensington provides a professional Saniflo unit installation services in Kensington. You can trust us for one of the best saniflo installations in Kensington. Before any Saniflo installation is carried out, our engineers inspect your existing plumbing set-up to know the type of saniflo that best suit your needs.

We are available to talk you through if you need guidance on the type of Saniflo unit that will be most suitable for your home. If you need your Saniflo system installed by professionals in Kensington, call us on 020 71833879 to be connected.

Saniflo repairs Kensington

A Saniflo system will not function efficiently if the macerator is blocked. Blockage in the macerator is caused by foreign objects that make the motor to become stocked in one place, making it unable to pump water through the system and flush.

Limescale is also a common problem caused by a blockage, especially if you live in a hard water area. To avoid limescale, you will have to descale your system at least twice a year.

Common signs of problems in a Saniflo system includes leaks, pump installation and repair and noise or vibration when you turn the system on or off. When you notice any of these signs, you should call a saniflo engineer to diagnose the problem and repair it to make sure it does not cause more problems in the future.

You may consider installing a new system if your existing system is very old or beyond repair. Plumber Kensington offers saniflo installations at affordable prices. For all saniflo installation and repairs, contact us on 020 71833879.

How does a Saniflo System work?

A saniflo system breaks and softens human waste and toilet paper with its spinning blade. As the blade spins around, the waste and toilet paper breaks and liquefies. Water flushes into the system afterwards, which mixes with the waste, and the pump provides pressure that forces the waste through drainage pipes into the drainage local soil pipe.

A saniflo system pumps waste into the nearest drainage system or local soil pipe. Saniflo system is suitable for homes where the loft extension and bathroom are on the opposite side of the house to the soil stack. In this case, installing a Saniflo unit makes it possible to pump the water and waste across the house to the soil stack.

A Saniflo unit will be needed when there is a huge gap between the toilet, shower, basin or bath and the soil stack. Our engineers at Plumber Kensington can install a new system in your home and repair an existing system as well. For more enquiry on how the saniflo works, contact us on 02071833879.

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Plumber Kensington offers one of the best saniflo installation and repair services in Kensington. We are confident of top-notch service that we provide, call us on 020 71833879 today.

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