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Leaks are common with plumbing facilities in homes. Age, over-use and poor material quality are some of the things that can cause a pipe to start leaking. However, when the leaks are hidden, it is even more dangerous to the occupants of the home. Fixing leaks can cost a lot of money. It is necessary to recognise the warning signs of a leak to prevent it from growing further, as it can be more hazardous in the later stages. Asides causing structural damages to your home, it can also increase the water bills, and the moulds that accompany leaks can cause damage to the health of your family.

Is It Possible For You To Have A Hidden Leak?

Yes, it is. How do you know if and when professional help is required to fix a leak? While visible leaks are easy to handle, hidden leaks can be very frustrating. The time spent in trying to trace the source of the leak and the damage it may have caused before it is found often among the problems accompanying hidden leaks. In this guide, there are some things listed which you should look out for to discover a hidden leak.

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Most issues from plumbing facilities and causes of water waste in a home are as a result of hidden leaks in the home. These hidden leaks are hazardous and can be seen as silent destroyers.

However, this guide will help you check for leaks in the home, and enlighten you on the most common places a leak can occur.

  • Check Your Water Utility Bills
    The most apparent method of confirming a leak in the home is by checking the utility bills. Each time you receive a water bill, check and compare it with your previous water bills. If there is an unusual and unexplainable increase in the utility bill, then it could be a sign of a leak.
  • Check Your Water Meter
    The water meter is an excellent way to confirm whether there is a leak in your facility. If you are suspicious, keep an eye on your water meter for unusual jumps in the water bills. A simple water meter test will help you do this properly. Note that it is best to carry out a water meter test when there is no one at home.

The Water Meter Test

  • Do not use all water sources in your home for at least 3 hours. This is one of the reasons why this test is best done when you are home alone. Use of all water sources, including outdoor and indoor appliances like toilets, garden sprinklers, washing machines, kitchen taps, and showers, should be suspended for this period of 3 hours.
  • Record the number on your water meter after the time elapses.
  • Wait for at least three hours
  • Recheck the water meter. If the new number on the meter is different from the one you first recorded, this shows that the meter was reading, thereby indicating a water leak.


Now that you know there is a leak, how do you discover the source of the leak? The first places to check should be the prominent places like the washing machine, dishwashers, sinks, showers, toilets, irrigation systems, and visible pipes. If you find wet marks, puddles, drips or dark spots around these fixtures, then it may be the source of the leak. The faulty fixture will have to be replaced. If you are not sure about the leak, then you can contact a professional for confirmation. At Plumber Kensington, our plumbing experts are experienced with hidden leaks and can help you find the source of the leak in the shortest time. We could also get it fixed or get a full replacement as desired by our clients.

There could be more hidden severe leaks like pinhole leaks which can be found behind walls. A pinhole leak can damage your infrastructure. By eating through the walls, it can also cause cracks on walls. Other signs of a pinhole leak include; moulds, sagging ceilings, floors and walls, and an earthy smell.

Leaks can be found in various parts of your home, which makes use of plumbing facilities. Some other place to look out for a leak include;


Toilet leaks are common. Several factors can cause plumbing facilities in the toilet to start leaking. About 30 per cent of the water used in a home is used in the toilet. A leak will further increase the amount of water wasted in the home. Toilet leaks can be as a result of the rubber seals in the toilet wearing out. When the rubber seals become weak and wear out, they start to leak.

Test for leaks in the toilet

Add food colouring to the toilet tank. If after 10 minutes you can see the food colouring in the toilet bowl, then there is a leak.

Showerheads, baths, sinks and taps

Check under basins and sinks for an earthy smell. If moulds are present, there may be a leak in these facilities. For homes that are older, and have not changed their plumbing facilities, their facilities are more susceptible to getting leaks. Always turn off the shower and taps totally to avoid wasting water through little drips. If the taps are old and cannot be completely turned off, you should consider changing them. Plumber Kensington has a lot of modern plumbing facilities, and you are just one phone call away from reaching out to us to make a pick. Do contact us on 020 71833879.

Water heaters

If you find water puddles around your heaters, then you may leak. Check the water heater connections for oxidation or corrosions, and if you find any of these, contact an expert immediately by placing a call to us on 020 71833879.

Washing machines and dishwashers

A leak in the hose of a washing machine should be fixed swiftly, as it can lead to a significant problem if not handled on time. If the hoses in washing machines are bad, get a professional to fix them and also regularly check the hoses, valves and pumps in your appliances for any discolouration.

Stained ceilings, floors and walls

When the ceilings start sagging and showing water stains, then there is a high chance that there is a leak in your home. If you are unable to investigate the leak yourself, contact us at Plumber Kensington on 020 71833879 to get the job done excellently.

Plaster, drywall, wood panels and baseboards that are warping

When these materials have been subjected to dampness or wetness for a long time, they start to become soft and warped. If there are irregularities in the shape and texture of these materials, there is most likely a leak in your home.

Mould and earthy smells

Moulds are naturally attracted to cool and damp areas. A leak will provide this area for them, so the presence of moulds in your home usually signifies the presence of a leak. Old accumulated water also has an earthy smell, so if you regularly perceive an earthy smell around your home, you may have a hidden leak.

Wet floors and carpets

When the tiles become loose and start seeping water, it is an indication of a leak in the floors of a home. Once the floorboards in a home are waterlogged, they begin to bend underweight. If your carpets and floors are suddenly damp, then you may have a hidden leak.

A cold room

If there is a room in the home which is always cold, then it may be as a result of a leak. Since water removes heat faster than air, there is a higher chance that a room that is always cold has a hidden leak.

Sparks from light switches

Water and electricity do not usually make a good pair. If you notice sparks when you try to turn on an electrical switch, quickly turn off the electricity supply to that area and call for professional help. Place a call to us on 02071833879.

The dripping sound

The sound from a leaking tap is familiar. If you always hear that sound in your house, then you have a hidden leak. This sound makes it even easier to trace the leak, as you could just let the sound lead you to it.

Call For Professional Help

Given the guideline provide above, if after doing all you can to locate the hidden leak, and you still cannot find it, it will time for you to call Plumber Kensington. Our plumbers are trained to handle leakage situations professionally. We also have the equipment needed to find a leak, whether open or hidden, no matter how complex. We offer various plumbing installation services, and our services are affordable and remarkably benched on excellence.

Call us on 02071833879 today, and we will send our professionals to you at the shortest time possible.

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