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Bathroom Installation Services In Kensington

At Plumber Kensington, we have years of experience from fixing bathrooms for homes, offices, schools, and on other properties across London. If you need a bathroom suite, you can contact us, and we will provide one for you. If you have already purchased one, it would be our delight to install it for you.

We have a reputation built over the years for providing excellent local bathroom fitters across London; this is why you can trust us to pick up a bathroom suite from the shop on your behalf and also have it installed. Call us for bathroom installations in Kensington.

Bathroom Fitters

Plumber Kensington is an experienced and efficient plumbing company in Kensington. We are known to fit bathrooms, and wet rooms expertly, our clients can always attest to our proficiency. Contact us on 020 71833879 for an excellent service.

Why Choose Us?

Bathrooms come in different styles and fashion. From traditional to ultramodern bathrooms, at Plumber Kensington, we have skilled hands whose touch will bring out the best in your bathroom refurbishment. This is why we have been in business for this long because we provide our clients with excellent and exceptional services.

Our clients are our priority; we take special care in providing excellent service to keep them satisfied. So, whatever style of bathroom you desire, you can rely on us for a smooth and hassle-free installation that will give you value and peace of mind. Do contact us on 02071833879 today. However, some reasons why you should choose us to include:

  • Specialist Bathroom Fitters

For every bathroom installation in Kensington, we have got a team of professional and skilled plumbers and also a project supervisor at Plumber Kensington, whose duty is to refurbish your bathroom excellently. Our team are regularly trained in the most modern bathroom plumbing techniques using the appropriate tools; this is in consideration for your safety and well-being.

We strive to keep and maintain all health and safety regulations without compromise! What more can your bathroom need that we can not provide? Give us a call on 020 71833879 right away.

  • Zero Charges For Job Quotes And Estimates

If you are residing in Kensington, you stand a chance to get a free 'zero obligation' quote and estimate for your bathroom project. Yes! It's entirely at no cost at all!

At Plumber Kensington, We also provide a job completion schedule within working hours that poses no problem to your work schedule, which implies that you get to confirm this schedule according to your availability and time. On every installation, we ensure our customers understand the procedure from start to finish. Wouldn't you like that? Of course, you would so, reach out to us on 020 71833879 to get started.

  • Partners With Top Brands

At Plumber Kensington, we have close ties with several leading brands for bathroom, and we can provide you with a substantial discount on increased brand prices. Again, the selection of bathroom suite should not be a problem for you when you hire us. You can freely choose any bathroom suite from our vast collection of brochures and catalogues. But if you already have a choice, we can give you a quote for installation only. Place a call to us now on 020 71833879.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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How We Install Bathrooms in Kensington

We have always maintained a policy that for every bathroom installation, our customers get twice the value for what they pay for in terms of a new bathroom and the satisfaction that comes with it. To achieve this, we take extra care to ensure that your installation goes as planned.

See some of the steps our specialist bathroom fitters take during installation:

  • Client survey

Before embarking on bathroom installation Kensington, we will first survey the property to know your bathroom needs. Yes, we understand that every customer's need may not be the same, so we will like to know what your preferences are before we begin the installation. Also, our team of professionals will check out your existing bathroom space to ascertain what size and type of bathroom suite will be appropriate. When this is done, we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for the installation.

However, if you selected a suite from our catalogues or brochures, you will be duly notified when it arrives so that we can arrange for the best time to deliver it at your home.

  • Take away existing bathroom

Our team of expert bathroom fitters will remove your present bathroom carefully to create space for the new bathroom to come in. We will also shut off your water supply from the mains to prevent flooding of your bathroom and tape out bathroom furniture like cabinets, blinds, etc.

All waste pipes will be removed and replaced with clean ones, and your electrical connections will be disconnected and capped off for safety.

As part of our safety policy, we will cover your floors with carpet protectors to reduce damage and keep our workspace neat as the installation progresses.

  • Fix your new bathroom

After taking out your old bathroom, we will prepare the ground for the new and fresh supply pipes, which include waste pipes for the basin, toilet, shower, and bath.

We will run the new pipes into the position of the new bathroom fixtures, and then these new fixtures which have already been properly fitted will now be installed correctly.

  • Testing your new bathroom

Our expert plumbers will test the newly installed pipework to detect leaks and to ensure all the fixtures like taps are working efficiently. We will restore your floors and walls and return your bathroom blinds, cabinets to the right places so you can now begin to use your bathroom.

You should call us on 020 71833879  today for your bathroom installation in Kensington.

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Cost Of Installing Bathrooms In Kensington

It would cost about £4500 for an average bathroom installation; however, the cost of installing a new bathroom depends on:

  • Size and shape of your bathroom
  • Number of materials needed for upgrade
  • The facility being fitted
  • The complexity of the installation
  • The time it takes to finish the job

Having a professional plumber fix your bathroom may be expensive, but the benefit will outweigh the cost in the long run as it would save you the hassle of dealing with negative consequences of a poorly done installation.

How Much Time Does It Take To Install Bathroom Kensington?

At Plumber Kensington, we offer bathroom services of a high standard at the shortest possible time.

The time it takes to install your new bathroom depends mainly on the upgrades being fitted — besides, the more complex the job, the longer the time for installation. Simpler fittings may take only a few hours while more complex jobs may extend more.

However, we do our best to see that your bathroom installation takes no longer time than expected so you can have a cleaner and fresher bathroom.

When you think bathroom installation in Kensington, do consider our exceptional bathroom fitters at Plumber Kensington. We are here to give you outstanding bathroom installation services at any time of the day. Call us on 020 71833879 today to get started.

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