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 Blocked Toilets

For some reason, people tend to see toilets as some other waste disposal. They tend to believe that anything flushed down the toilet bowl stays down. The truth is, toilets are not meant for anything else except human waste and tissue paper. Anything other than these two will only block the drainage pipes with time.

A blocked toilet is a lot of work— It can cause a lot of concern for people affected, not to mention the smell that comes from it. It becomes worse when there is a sewage backup as a result of the blockage. Having a blocked toilet generates problems for the people involved. One vital question that comes to mind is who to call for help when you have a blocked toilet.

You should think of no one other than an expert plumber like Plumber Kensington. We are one of the most qualified and experienced plumbing company, specialised in toilet obstruction issues and every other plumbing and emergency plumbing issues that you may have. We are known to carry out efficient plumbing service to all our clients excellently. Get in touch with us on 02071833879 today.

Do You Have An Emergency Blocked Toilet Situation?

Emergency plumbing situations often take us unawares, but that does not mean you will not get the help you need. At late hours, holidays or weekends, Plumber Kensington is ready to deliver.

We understand that a blocked toilet is one problem that should not be ignored until the next morning, as this can cause severe damage to homes and expose us to harmful organisms from the waste. This is why at Plumber Kensington, we respond swiftly to your plumbing emergencies. Give us a call today!

Major Reasons For Blocked Toilets

Sadly, a blocked toilet seems to be a common occurrence in Kensington. It is common knowledge that blocked toilet comes as a result of foreign particles being flushed down the bowl. These particles include facial and baby wipes, food wastes, feminine sanitary products etc. Although these may go down when you flush, they eventually lodge themselves in the drainage pipes,  therefore slowing water flow, and eventually, the water begins to flow backwards. When such cases arise, you need expert plumbing service from Plumber Kensington, to locate the source of the obstruction and have it completely removed.

Other times, toilet blockage can be caused by muck or corrosion of the pipes—where this is the case, do contact us on 02071833879 for help, and we will come up with the most appropriate solution for long term benefits.

Plumber Kensington has a reputation for excellence and reliability. Whenever we are called to clear up blocked toilets or any other plumbing problems, we carry it out with the interests of our clients at heart; this implies that your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We provide excellent service at affordable rates. Call us on 02071833879 today.


With a problem like a blocked toilet, one needs a skilled, experienced and qualified plumber to handle it swiftly.  At Plumber Kensington, we have a team of experienced and trained plumbers who efficiently deliver top-notch services to our clients.

  • Dedication

It takes dedication to build a career as we have at Plumber Kensington. With plumbers who are dedicated to providing a lasting solution to your plumbing issue, it is difficult to find another plumbing company in Kensington as committed as we are. We ensure that the reason why we are contacted is effectively carried out to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Wealth of experience

Plumber Kensington is a well-known plumbing company with years of experience to match our skills. We have been privy to handle both complex and simple plumbing problems you can imagine, and we have rectified them all successfully. With decades of experience under our belt, your plumbing issue including blocked toilet is not what you should not get you worried. Call us today on  02071833879.

  • 24 hours availability

With Plumber Kensington, you do not need to worry about your plumbing emergencies. This is because we are always available 24/7 to help resolve your plumbing issues whenever they arise. Give us a call today. We will be with you within the hour.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is essential for us toat Plumber Kensington that our clients are satisfied with our services. Which is why we are extremely professional in our delivery of service.  We make great efforts to provide a lasting solution to your problems, so you will not have to worry about calling for help again after we are gone. Charges will be disbursed to you after our services have been completed, you can be sure of excellent top-notch service.

Need A Residential Or Commercial Blocked Toilets Expert?

Residential or commercial areas? It does not matter. Plumber Kensington is well equipped with professional plumbers who are qualified to handle plumbing issues in both residential homes or commercial business settings. For residential or private homes, blocked toilets are much easier and less complicated to unblock. On the other hand, commercial areas come with more complicated and strenuous issues. Nonetheless, Plumber Kensington is equipped to resolve all toilet related issues at any time. Place a call to us on 02071833879.

Professional Plumbing Service At Your Disposal                                  

With Plumber Kensington, you do not need to worry about your blocked toilets. Whenever you need us, and for whatever plumbing issues you might have, Plumber Kensington is around 24/7 to help you. If your toilet pipes have been corroded and require a replacement, then get in contact with us, and we guarantee that we will be at your doorstep in the shortest time possible. Give us a call on 02071833879.

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