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Boiler Servicing

A boiler needs to be serviced and maintained over its period of use; this way, you can avoid the troubles of an unexpected boiler breakdown, and protect yourself from excessive repair bills.

Our boiler service is locally based in Kensington and provides quick and efficient boiler service for all major boiler brands. We ensure your boiler is working properly, and distributing heat efficiently through your central heating system. Our professional boiler service also will ensure that the chances of a future emergency repair are prevented, so saving you money, time and a lot of stress. 

Boiler Service For All Boiler Brands

Our boiler service includes same day service for most boiler brands, including:

  • Ariston,
  • Alpha,
  • Biasi,
  • Baxi,
  • Ideal,
  • Potterton,
  • Viessmann,
  • Valliant,
  • Worcester
  • Bosch,
  • Worcester, 

And many other boiler brands; give us a call today on 02071833879 to book our professional service.

well trained  

At Plumber Kensington our engineers are well trained, so the servicing of your boiler is guaranteed to be safe and carried out according to industry standards and regulations. We are dedicated to offering excellent boiler services to our customers, and that is why we provide the option of a yearly boiler service so that boiler breakdowns will be a thing of the past for you. Get in touch with us today on 02071833879.

What Are Our Boiler Services?

At Plumber Kensington, our boiler service is designed to keep your boiler running at its efficiency.  Our boiler installation services come in a wide range and selections, including; plus boiler servicing and the standard servicing, which is meant to keep your boiler in good working order. 

These services are explained below, but if you need additional information about the services or our costs, you can contact us on 02071833879.  

Standard Service

Our standard gas boiler service involves the following tasks:

  • An inspection of your boiler, including its controls and all its components, by our gas safe, registered engineers. This is meant to give us an idea of the condition of your boiler.  
  • We will inspect your boiler for all signs of leaks and corrosion.
  • Your boiler seal will be thoroughly checked to ensure it is tight. If the seal is weakened or broken, it will be replaced to prevent the risks of flue gas leaks.
  • The ignition and heat exchanger are two of the essential parts of your boiler, and our well trained engineers will have these properly inspected to ensure they are in good condition.
  • A flue analyser test will be carried out by our engineers. This test is meant to ensure that the burner pressure and combustion within your boiler are at adequate levels.

You can contact us today on 020 71833879.

Plus Service

All of the tasks listed in our standard service are included in our plus service, with some essential additions, including:

  • Inspection of your radiator valve for leaks,
  • Draining of your radiators to keep the pressure at a proper level, 
  •  Replacement of the old fluid with a new fluid if required.
  • Our engineers will run a thorough check to confirm that your radiators are heating evenly, and a radiator key will be issued to you. 

Annual Boiler Service Maintenance

If a faulty boiler is not repaired on time, it can cause the leak of carbon monoxide, a gas which is extremely dangerous to your health. The carbon monoxide gas is odourless and colourless, making it nearly impossible for you to notice the gas leaking from your boiler.

If your boiler is malfunctioning, it forces your equipment to work even harder to distribute heat evenly in the system. This extra work causes a rise in your energy costs, and could also cause your equipment to wear out even sooner. Annual boiler maintenance is necessary to prevent both of these issues, and to keep your boiler in a proper working condition.   

Should You Get A Professional To Carry Out Your Boiler Service?

Absolutely! Having an unqualified engineer carry out servicing on your boiler will cost you more money and time in future repairs, and will also endanger you and your property, through potential gas leaks and gas explosions. A skilled well trained professional is the best option for all your boiler services, to safeguard you and your family from poor gas work. Contact Plumber Kensington today on 02071833879 to book the services of a skilled well trained engineer today.

DIY Boiler Checks

Having a close eye on the effectiveness of your boiler is essential in preventing severe damages and increasing the safety of your family and home. Below, we give a list of boiler safety checks you can easily carry out at home:

  • Have an alarm or carbon monoxide detector installed next to your boiler? Regularly check your detector and alarm to confirm it is still functioning properly.
  • You should install a smoke detector in the same room with your boiler. This also should be tested regularly to ensure it is working without any problems.
  • Keep the manufacturers handbook in a safe and easily accessible place, and ensure you review it regularly.
  • Continuously inspect the water level in your boiler. If the water level falls below the adequate level, it could cause your boiler to malfunction. Ensure you add more water at once if you find the water level is below the adequate level.  
  • Regularly inspect the pressure and the temperature of your boiler. Contact Plumber Kensington on 0207183387 if you notice a significant drop in the pressure or temperature of your boiler.

What Boiler Types Do Our Engineers Repair?

Our expert engineers are skilled at servicing a wide range of boiler types. We repair system and combi boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, conventional, and regular boiler types also.

How Often Should Your Boiler Be Serviced?

We recommended you have your boiler serviced at least once a year. Regular boiler servicing will keep your boiler safe and functioning properly.  Also, warranty obligations require that you service your boiler nothing less than once a year.

What Does Your Boiler Service Cost?

Our boiler service costs vary, depends on the packet you opt for, it could be either a Standard Service or a Plus Service. You can contact Plumber Kensington on 0207183387 to learn more about our pricing or to get a free quote.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a reliable and licensed plumbing company for all boiler service in Kensington and its environs.

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