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Blocked Sink

Never a homeowner who wants to deal with a blocked sink as this situation can be really messy. It is usually frustrating when your sinks get blocked and won’t work properly as expected. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered at Emergency Plumber Kensington. Call us today and let our plumbers clear that sink for you.

Why do Sinks Ever Get Blocked?

Well, this is often dependent on where the sink is located. For example, most kitchen sinks can easily get blocked because of cooking grease or oil build up on the pipe walls, while blockages in the toilet sinks are generally as a result of dirt, skin flakes, and hair getting caught in the pipes, which may lead to reduced water flow.

Although, there are few simple solutions that can be used to get your sinks working again for less severe cases. But if you notice frequent blockages in the sink, you will have to get across to a qualified plumber. Call emergency plumber Kensington on 020 71833879.

Signs That Your Sink Is Blocked

While blocked sinks may be very common among homeowners, not all homeowners are properly informed about the signs of a blocked drain. Here are some common signs you should look out for in your sink.

  • Your sink drains slowly: If your sink drains slowly, this might be a sign that your sink is blocked. If your sink is draining slowly, the problem might be from the fixture itself. It is normal to feel less concerned about trying to fix the problem. Regardless, it is important that you do something about it right away, to avoid damaging the pipes any further. Even minor blockages can cause serious problems and damage to your entire draining system.

More so, if the draining system is particularly bad, the sink may not drain at all. Some causes of bad draining may include hair, toothpaste and soap in the bathroom sinks, and grease and food in the kitchen sink.

  • Unpleasant odours: Do you notice unpleasant odours constantly from your Drains? Certainly, foul smells are known to occur first before any other obvious signs— lookout for odd odours within your kitchen area or any other place you have your sink fitted.
  • Sounds: Sometimes, you may notice gurgling noises from your drains or pipes. When this occurs, it could be another huge sign of a blocked sink.

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How To Fix Your Blocked Sink?

The safest DIY method to unblock your sink is through the use of a plunger. Nevertheless, this may not be possible for blocked sinks that are severe; such that regardless of how you go about trying to fix the issue, the sink keeps getting blocked. If you notice this issue, you will have to contact a qualified plumber, with professional experience on drain cleaning services.

To avoid recurring blocked sinks in the future, the best and easy precaution to take is to avoid excess grease, hair and foreign particles from going down your sinks— more specifically, your kitchen sink.

If you have a blocked sink and you need a professional plumber that offers drain cleaning services, don’t hesitate to get across to us. Call us on 020 71833879, for a professional drain and sink cleaning services.

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