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When any part of your home’s plumbing fails, it can lead to major damages in your property. Bad plumbing in a home can also be detrimental to the health of the occupants of the home. It is necessary for every homeowner to know the expected life cycle of his or her plumbing facilities to understand when it is right for replacement.

Every facility has a life cycle. Age, over-use, lack of proper maintenance, poor quality of installation, faulty components and temperature fluctuations are some of the reasons why piping and pipe connections fail.

If you experience problems with your piping and connections, do not hesitate to contact Emergency Plumber Kensington on 020 71833879 for immediate assistance.

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Pipe Material

The different materials used in the pipes in homes have different life expectancies, and therefore different durability levels. Assess your home to find out the type of piping used in the home. For instance, in older plumbing systems, cast iron and galvanised iron are the types of material used often in the pipes, while in modern plumbing systems, various types of plastic pipes like PVC and CPVC are used almost exclusively.

If your home was purchased, then you should have an inspection report which should contain the type of material used in the plumbing. If you know the type of piping material used in your home, you can know when it is time to carry out pipework replacement and save you from the possible menace. Every pipe material has a lifespan. Some materials and their lifespan are listed below;

Material Estimated Lifespan
Copper 50 + years
Brass 40 to 45 years
Cast Iron 75 to 100 years
Galvanized Steel 20 to 50 years

PVC piping can last indefinitely.

You should note that these lifespans also work with other considerations. You should consider the pipe joints, the mechanical components and fittings which connects the plumbing to household fixtures. When the fixtures get old, they can cause leaks in the pipes, which will require immediate replacement. Our expert plumbers at Plumber Kensington are always available to assist you in repairing and replacing your plumbing fixtures if you encounter any problems.

Reach out to us today on 020 71833879, and we shall respond to you as soon as possible.

Signs Of Failing Plumbing

There are signs that you can observe to tell if the plumbing in your home is starting to fail. Some of the obvious signs are; cracks in pipes, water-stained ceilings and floors, rusted pipes, water tubes with a rust colour, wet baseboards, wet areas behind sinks and dishwashers.

When the water pressure starts to reduce, this might be an indication of a blocked drain or a leak from the fixture. Also, there should be regular inspection of dark spaces and enclosed areas for mould. The presence of mould indicates dampness which can be as a result of a leaking pipe. A gurgling sound usually indicates a pipe blockage which is trapping air. When your drain is moving slowly, it should be cleared as it could lead to pipe blockage.

At Emergency Plumber Kensington, our experts are familiar with these faults and have been trained to fix them. You should contact us to book an appointment so that our expert plumber will help clear your drain pipes.

Repair Or Replace?

Unblocking blocked sinks and replacing faulty fixtures and pipe connectors do not always require a plumber. Note that if the pipe is not exposed but hidden underground or behind a wall, it usually requires demolition of walls and floors.

It is always advisable to replace the plumbing facilities when you renovate the places where the facilities are located. To reduce the cost of replacement, you can replace only the pipes that are exposed, once you are sure there are no other signs of leaks. However, the project of replacing faulty fixtures can get complicated, which is why you need to keep a plumber close. At Emergency Plumber Kensington, our plumbers are always on standby to assist and get your plumbing properly done excellently in record time.

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