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Boiler Repair in Kensington

Need a reliable plumber for boiler repairs in Kensington? Then contact emergency plumber kensington on 02071833879 to book the services of our well trained Plumbers today.

Boiler failures are common mishaps in homes and workplaces and can happen at any time, therefore causing you to be short of heat and hot water. This situation can truly be inconvenient and discomforting, especially during cold seasons. At Emergency Plumber London, we understand the need to have boiler faults resolved immediately and properly to have warmth, especially during the cold winter season. We have well trained, and well trained engineers who are skilled at restoring your boiler to its full functionality within the shortest time. Get in touch with us today on 02071833879, and we will be at your doorstep within the hour.

We Are A Reliable Boiler Repair Company

At Emergency Plumber London, we offer expert boiler repair services for most types of boiler - combi boiler and systems boilers. We provide emergency boiler repairs in Kensington from small residential households to large factories and offices.

Over the years, we have garnered experience from working on diverse boiler brands, and fixing different boiler faults, including issues of low boiler pressure, or if your boiler is not responding to the power off button,  or it makes uncomfortable noise when powered on then do not hesitate to give us a call on  02071833879— No matter your boiler repair emergency, you can trust us to resolve your boiler issue  within the shortest time. Our services are nothing short of excellence, and you can rely on us any time to deliver expertise in fixing your boiler. Do contact us today!

Different Boiler Faults One Could Encounter

There are a lot of boiler issues you could be faced with any time. A few of these boiler faults include:

  • Your boiler refusing to turn off;
  • Your boiler continuously going off on its own, without you switching it off.
  • Boiler leaks
  • Low or high pressure in your boiler,
  • The continuous drop in the pressure of your boiler

Whatever the issue is with your boiler, you must have it fixed at once, or it could cause further damage not only to your heating system and home, or workplace but also to one's health. Get a professional to have your boiler checked today if you suspect there is a problem with it or any abnormality. You can contact emergency plumber kensington on 02071833879, and our well trained engineers will be available to fix your boiler issue and get the boiler installation services within the shortest time possible.

We offer Boiler Repair Services in Kensington for All Brands

Our boiler repair services cater to most boiler brands, including the following:

  • Alpha,
  • Ariston,
  • Baxi,
  • Biasi,
  • Buderus,
  • Ferroli,
  • Glow Worm,
  • Grant,
  • Heatline,
  • Ideal,
  • Keston,
  • Potterton,
  • Saunier Duval,
  • Vaillant,
  • Viessmann,
  • Vokera,
  • Worcester Bosch,
  • And any other boiler brand you have installed.

Schedule an appointment with us today on  02071833879  and our emergency boiler repair team will be with you within the hour, to ensure your boiler emergency is resolved.

Why should you choose Emergency Plumber Kensington?

  • Our professional plumbers and engineers are well trained and are qualified to fix all boiler brands
  • We strive to ensure that most boiler repairs are done in a single visit
  •  We offer emergency boiler repairs
  • Our engineers are available 24/7 and provide quick response to all of your emergency call-outs
  • We offer free 'no-obligation" quotes, with no hidden charges.
  • We provide a 12-month guarantee on all boiler repairs, and also on all parts used in the repairs.

What are some common Boiler Repair Faults?

  • No heat or hot water

This is a fault that is experienced by many homes and workplaces. A range of issues could be the cause of this problem, such as:

  • The absence of a pilot light
  • A faulty diaphragm
  • The failure of an airlock or a motorised valve
  • Presence of a leak in your central heating system
  • Failure to turn up your thermostat to a high enough level.

Whatever the cause may be, all faults with your boiler need to be resolved immediately by a professional. Contact plumber Kensington on 020 71833879 to get a professional to help you fix your boiler.

  • Radiators not getting hot enough

This fault could as a result of air been trapped inside your radiator, causing it not to heat evenly — it can be resolved by releasing the trapped air with a bleed key. The presence of cold patches on your radiators can result from allowing the water within the system to go dirty. A power flush can clean up your system, and fix this issue.

However, our engineers can also have your faulty radiator valve replaced for you. We recommend the installation of thermostatic radiator valves on your radiators. These valves are vital in helping you control the distribution of heat within your radiator, and keep it up to your desired temperature.

  • Kettling

Kettling is caused by the accumulation of limescale inside your boiler. This limescale is caused by the hardness of the water being fed from the pipes, and it can cause damage to your heat exchanger if not resolved in time.

This issue can be corrected with a scale reducer, which can be attached to your heating system to clear the scales and return your boiler to good working condition. A power flush also is a good alternative in getting the scale and debris cleaned out from your system.

  • Banging noises

Sludge or debris can cause this banging noise when they get into the water in your system. The noise can also be caused by air in the system or the buildup of scale. The low water pressure within the system has also been known to cause this funny noise. Do contact a professional to have your boiler checked immediately, call us on 020 71833879 today.

  • Pilot light going out

A faulty thermocouple can cause this issue. Also, a break in the gas valve as well can cause this fault to occur. In the case of a broken air seal, a draught can be allowed to pass into the system, causing the pilot light to go off.

Months and years of use of your boiler without any maintenance might also allow debris to accumulate in your heating system, and consequently block your pilot light, causing it not too visible. A simple and thorough cleaning can resolve this issue for you.

  • Losing pressure

A leak with your central heating system can cause a continuous drop in the pressure of your boiler. A faulty pressure relief valve and the failure of your expansion vessels can cause cases of low pressure in your boiler. Contact a professional on 020 71833879 to have your boiler checked.

  • Frozen condensate pipe

The condensate pipe takes water away from the condensing boiler. This pipe can become frozen, and result in a blockage within the pipe, and can lead to the eventual failure of the system.

  • Thermostat problems

As thermostats age, their readings can grow inaccurate and cause the boiler to come on and go off at the wrong periods and without any control.

  • Leaking boilers

Leaks in boilers are common and usually, are caused by weakened or broken seals. These seals will need to be replaced to control the leak.

  • Boiler keeps switching off

Low water pressure can cause the boiler to switch off on its own continuously. Other reasons for this can be the presence of a blocked condensate pipe or air in the system. If the pump is not circulating water properly in the system, it can also cause the boiler to switch off.

Are you experiencing any of the listed faults above with your boiler?  Then do not hesitate any further to contact Plumber Kensington, we have the right tools and equipment to resolve your boiler issue — we have a team of experienced and well trained engineers and plumbers who are available 24/7 to provide you with excellent service. Contact us today on 020 71833879.

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