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Are your appliances due for a gas safety test? Do you need an expert in Kensington to help out with gas safety testing and certification? If your answer to these questions is on the affirmative, then you need to reach out to us today and keep your home safe.

The number to call is 020 71833879, and we will schedule an appointment right away in order to attend to your gas needs. We will send a certified gas safe engineer to come over to your property at a time convenient for you.

Due to the heavy usage of gas appliances in the average home nowadays, carrying out gas safety test has become a necessity — no wonder gas safety testing has been added to the law. Safety is the responsibility of everyone, and annual testing of your gas appliance is very much important. After the testing, a CP12 certificate will be issued. Make sure you only make use of a professional and certified gas safe engineer for your gas safety testing in Kensington.

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Homeowners are a very important set in gas safety testing. From time to time, make sure that the chimney, flues, and gas are operating as supposed to in the home and most importantly safe. Don’t carry out this check by yourself — get a certified gas & heating engineer to come to your rescue.

After the gas engineer has effectively carried out this check-in your home, ensure you are given a certificate which is known as the CP12 — Corgi Proforma 12. This certificate shows a comprehensive detail of the gas pipework, chimney, flues and gas appliances that are available in your home.

Look no further for this service than Plumber Kensington — our services are always quality and excellent. We put in lots of details into everything we do. When you call us, we will only send a well trained engineer to help you out with this. Contact us today to partake of this service.


Are you wondering why we said tenants? Yes? Here it is! It turns out everybody is responsible for safety when gas is involved. If you are occupying a rented apartment in Kensington, then it is your landlord or homeowner’s duty to provide you with a valid copy of the CP12 certificate. This certificate should be given to you when you move into the apartment. This certificate should be given to you every year after renewal as it only lasts for 1 year.

In the absence of a CP12 certificate, you should contact the individual managing the apartment or contact the landlord and ask for one. If they claim not to have one, then Plumber Kensington will be more than willing to help out. All you need to do is call 020 71833879and we will be at your property as at when convenient.


If you are a landlord in Kensington and have tenants, then it is your responsibility to provide a CP12 certificate for all the gas appliances, flues, and gas pipework on an annual basis.

At Plumber Kensington, our gas engineers have been authorised to cary out gas safety testing and certification. We will provide you with a CP12 certificate after the inspection. It is also your duty to provide your tenants with this certificate within a maximum of 28 days after inspection or during the time when they move into the property.

We can work with your property agent, you or tenants and mail the CP12 certificate electronically or as you deem fit — state your preferred method and we will send it to you.

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For general heating services in Kensington and London as a whole, Plumber Kensington is the right plumbing and heating company to call. We have expert well trained engineers readily available to attend to whatever heating needs you may have. Our customers are our priority.

Call us today and we will be sure to make a lasting impression — optimum customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

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