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Emergency Plumber Kensington provides clients with effective power flushing services, as well as other aspects of commercial and residential heating and plumbing services. Our team of experienced engineers are equipped with the necessary skill and experience that is required to carry out a safe and reliable power flush

Most times, sludge, rust and some other by-products are known to consistently disrupt the proper functioning of a heating system. When this sludge is piled within the heating system, blocking the easy flow of water around the system becomes inevitable. This is just exactly where our power flushing services comes in. With our power flushing services; you can easily remove the sludge and dirt from your heating system.

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What Is A Power Flushing Service?

Power flushing, chemical power flushing, hard flushing and jet flushing are all terms used for cleaning and cleansing of the central heating system. It is the most efficient yet, affordable method of cleaning the system to ensure a warmer home. Generally, every central heating systems develop a build-up of sludge in their pipes over several years. When there is a build-up of sludge in your central heating system, it results in inconveniences in your central heating system, some of which includes the following:

  • Noisy operation
  • Dirty water building up in your central heating system
  • Inadequate water circulation around your central heating system
  • Blocked valves, which may result in cold radiators
  • Expensive heating bulls
  • Inadequate water circulation

The Power Flushing Process

Power flushing involves cleaning the interior of a heating system using a mixture of magnetic filters, water and a powerful cleansing and mobilising agents that ensure that the system is properly cleansed. To do this effectively, the power flushing unit is attached to the circuit, while the flushing is done at a high velocity, but strictly limited and monitored.

This adequate combination of speed and monitored pressure ensures that the interior of the system is in good shape. During this process, water is pumped to the central heating system, usually at high and controlled conditions, while a special chemical is applied to remove any sludge, corrosion and limescale with buildup. At the end of this process, the heating system is left with clean flowing freshwater, ready for your use.

At Plumber Kensington, we ensure customer satisfaction by using the most advanced cleaning solutions. More so, we make use of chemicals that can easily eliminate even the most stubborn deposits that may appear entirely difficult to remove. The chemicals used in cleaning the system are always chosen to suit our client system requirements.

Our engineers are skilled and specially trained on how to use each required equipment and machinery, this way you can be sure of optimum service satisfaction, on all the services rendered.

Optimum’s Customer Satisfaction

At Plumber Kensington, we pride ourselves in ensuring customer satisfaction on all the services we offer. Whether you are considering a power flush for your heating system, new system installation, or plumbing repairs, we ensure complete satisfaction on all services rendered. We are always available to take your orders, call us today on 020 71833879

Power Flushing For Private And Commercial Premises

We offer power flushing services to both residential and commercial premises. We can easily locate your business and residential premises to carry out our pre-survey while ensuring that all services are offered with a high degree of professionalism. You can also rely on the fact that all services are offered at competitive prices, with no extra charges.

Why You Need To Power Flush Your Heating System

  • Faster heat up time
  • Reduced fuel bills
  • Improved central heating efficiency
  • A perfect solution to boiler overheating problems
  • Increased boiler and radiator life span
  • Less noise during usage

Duration For The Procedure

This is often determined by the type of heating system you have and the number of radiators in use. However, the process can be completed in a day. Some people are of the school of thought that power flushing can damage the heating system. The short answer is no. Power flushing cannot damage the thermostat & heating controls, neither can it repair the internal corrosion, mechanical, or electrical faults In the system.

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