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Boiler Installation In Kensington

Need a new, efficient boiler installed for you by approved well trained installers in London? Get in touch today with Emergency Plumber Kensington on 020 71833879. 

Installation of new energy-efficient boilers in Kensington

Installing a new boiler comes with lots of safety and cost concerns, and you might become overwhelmed with choosing the most suitable boiler brand for your home or workplace, or finding an experienced well trained professionals to carry out the installation for you. To help you with this problem, our experts at Plumber Kensington, can provide you with a compiled installation guide, to help answer all of your questions, and assist you in making the best selections in terms of product and services for your boiler installations.

You can call us today on 020 71833879 to request a free quote, or get more recommendations from our experienced staff.

We are a well trained Boiler installation company in Kensington  

At Plumber Kensington, our plumbers and heating engineers are well trained, and are fully-trained and experienced in their various fields, so you can be guaranteed that your installation is in qualified and capable hands. We are locally based in Kensington, so our installation services are prompt and available to all areas of Kensington, and other surrounding areas in London.   

Call Plumber Kensington on 020 71833879 if you have any questions about our services, or if you need to hire an approved installer.

Why should you choose Plumber Kensington for your boiler installation?

  • Here at Plumber Kensington, our goal is to provide you with a high-quality, efficient and affordable solution to your new boiler needs.
  • We prioritise the loyalty and trust of our clients, and so we offer a one year free cover for all new boilers installed by our competent team.
  • We provide new boilers with a manufacturer warranty up to 10 years
  • Our prices are competitive and will beat most installation quotes in London

Need a new boiler installation in Kensington, London? Call Plumber Emergency Plumber Kensington immediately on 020 71833879. 

How can you get your new boiler installed?

Getting your new boiler installed is quick and straightforward. Simply book a survey with us, get a quote once our team is done with the survey, and choose a date for our engineers to come and carry out your new boiler installation. Your professional installation will be completed with no hassles or complications on your part. So give us a call on 020 71833879 to schedule an appointment for a survey today.   

What happens during the survey?

Once an appointment for your survey is scheduled, our well trained engineers will be at your home or workplace without delay to check the existing condition of your central heating system. Once that is completed, we will explain to you the boiler brands that will be suitable to meet your needs and also all available options or requirements that you need to know. Simply contact us on 020 71833879 to book your appointment today.

Do we offer free quotes?

A fixed price quote for your new boiler will be offered to you once our engineers have completed their survey. Our quotes are free and carry 'no obligation' from you. 

Can you choose the time and date for the new boiler installation?

Yes, you can. If our quote is right for you, you can choose a time and date to your liking to commence the installation of your new boiler.

How long will installation of your new boiler take?

Usually, a new boiler installation exceeds no more than three days to be completed and ready for use. However, at Plumber Kensington, since we understand the benefits of having a good boiler, we make it a duty to have your boiler installation completed on time, in a day if possible, so you have access to hot water and heat at once.

Give us a call on 020 71833879 today, and you can be assured that all the skill and experience of our engineers will be focused towards ensuring your new boiler is installed properly, and your central heating system is up and running without delay.

Our engineers are not only licensed heating professionals, but are also well trained boiler experts; so you can trust that all safety standards will be met in installing your new boiler, and ensuring that every action during the installation is done efficiently. 

Emergency new boiler service

If you need an emergency boiler service in Kensington, our engineers are always available and will ensure you get emergency help for any kind of boiler repair.

Before installation, our experienced engineers will discuss with you regarding your needs and expectations regarding the installation, and we will help you understand the services you can expect from us.  Our quotes are detailed so that you easily understand how each cost fit with the installation of your new boiler.  

Our emergency engineers are available throughout the day, and on weekends also, so you are easily covered in the case of any boiler emergency. 

An immersion heater will be temporarily installed for you if the installation of your new boiler goes beyond a day. We can also borrow one of our heaters, so you have hot water and heat while we get your new heater available. 

Contact Plumber Kensington on 020 71833879, and our heating experts will be available to inform you of our range of heating services, and custom boiler installation options.

What type of boiler do we install?

At Plumber Kensington, we offer installation of various boiler types to both residential and commercial buildings. Our range of boiler installations includes:

  • Commercial boiler installations,
  • Gas boiler installations,
  • Electric boiler installations,
  • Conventional boiler installations, and,
  • Installations of system and combi boilers.

Do new boilers come with any Cover or Warranty?

Yes, you get a one-year free boiler cover and a manufacturer warranty up to 10 years.

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At Plumber Kensington, we offer even more heating installations and emergency boiler services than the ones mentioned above. Our engineers are experienced professionals, and are dedicated to providing you with the top-quality heating and plumbing service, and ensuring you have access to proper heat and hot water when you want it. Don't hesitate to reach us today on 020 71833879 for all boiler installations and emergency boiler service in Kensington and London.

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