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Why You Never Pour Grease Down The Drain

Grease down the drain accumulates futuristic problem camouflaged as a temporal solution. It may seem like the easiest means to dispose of leftover oil such as bacon oil, Coconut oil, butter, lard, fats and other greasy substance but it's signing up for debris filed sink warrant.

Ever wondered what happens after the oil cools off in the drain?

Here is what happens

Grease let into the drain subsequently cools down, solidifies and acts as a trap for grime, little food particles and debris.

As an effect over time, water begins to take more time to flow out, that is a slow drain and subsequently, a blockage if the act is prolonged – aside from the offensive smell that it produces.

Grease can wreck septic tank and sewage systems upon its continuous disposal.

Prevention is preferable

According to the local plumber in Camden, it's best if you don't pour the grease into the drain to start with or as an alternative you may get a mason jar, a soda can or a plastic jug with a lid to store used grease leftovers.

The plastic jug can be cut open halfway to allow you pour oil into them and when it cools, you can scoop it out and dispose of in a trash bin or disposed alongside the disposable jug. Some anti-grease cleaner for plates and dishes can also come in handy to eliminate grease and allow free flow.

Similarly, cooking oil, butter or margarine, leftover from frying can be stored and reused or poured into a jar, plastic jug with screws otherwise where they are only half a cup leftover they can be discharged into the trash bin amidst some paper towels.

Some paper towels to wipe those pans can also do the trick and throw the used paper towels into the trash bin where the oil is only less than half a cup.

Prevent the block, stinking smell and unpleasant experience. It's way better! 

Grease is already down the drain

If the drain is already blocked or some grease had gone down before the information got in. Fortunately, the ultimate disaster can be averted.

Get hot water ready and pour the hot water into the drain; set the faucet at the highest temperature, carefully squirt liquid dish soap down the hot water.

The hot water should liquefy the solid grease while the soap help to carry it out of the pipes. Hot water and bleach help to eliminate smell and leaves the drain free and fresh.

If you have been pouring grease down the drain for years, professional help may be required to eliminate the blockage properly. Grimes and debris get solidified into grease that blocks your pipes. At that time, you must hire the drain unblocking services in Camden for extensive cleaning. 

Our plumbers understand the importance of satisfaction in delivering plumbing services to your pipes and ensuring an ultimately good job done.

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