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Water Heater Repair And Installation

In the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, the water heater is now a must-have. Indeed, it ensures the comfort and well-being of the home by providing hot water whenever you need it. Slight damage to your water heater is easily noticed. Even though it is easy to cope without it than a damaged toilet, you can't afford to have your water heater out of place in the winter when everywhere is cold.

In case of breakdown or installation, it is better to call on a professional plumbing service at Emergency Plumber Camden than trying DIY options.

At Emergency Plumber Camden, we are specialised in the installation, replacement, and repair of water heaters, and we guarantee a superior installation compared to the standard of other plumbing service offered in the whole of Camden.

Whatever your water heater problem is, either leaks, blockage or deformation of tanks,  we are here to help!

Signs That Your Water Heater Is Damaged

Unless you have little plumbing experience, it's hard to notice when a water heater is giving red flag except for sudden jolt of cold water rather than hot. First, it's important to know that the life span of an average tank of a water heater is 10-15 years. After these numbers, the efficiency of the heater automatically reduces, Increasing the probability of breakdown. At this point, there may be an inconsistent supply of hot water. More like blowing hot and cold.

In some cases, it doesn't reach the expected lifespan before it starts showing signs of damages. There may be an occasional build-up of sediments underneath the tank which produces strange noises as the water is heated. Secondly, signs of Rust-colored water may be an indication of water heater corrosion, thereby resulting in leakage.

How To Prevent Water Heater Damage

Beyond the estimated life span, it's hard to prevent damage to a water heater. It becomes completely predictable. However, what can be done to ensure it keeps working until the estimated number of years is exceeded.

The best way to do so is to pair with a filtration system that filters all the sediments that may build up under the tank. Secondly, cultivate the habit of draining your tank once every year to get rid of mineral  build-up which may contribute to corrosion

Why You Shouldn't Try DIY Repair

A water heater is a delicate device. It's not like your usual water pipe you stick tape on when it is leaking. A damaged water heater is like a bomb waiting to explode since it relies on existing gas supply from your building. It's hard to diagnose whether you need a simple repair or a replacement without the help of a licensed heating expert.

You can take chances with wrong poor installation in your bathroom or kitchen but not with a water heater. Do call us to help out with the installation.

Call Us If You Notice The Red Flags

Don't wait for a catastrophe to strike before seeking the help of an expert plumber. If you notice any of the signs above. Don't freak out! Pick your phone up and put a call across to us at Emergency Plumbing Camden and we will send our heating professionals to come and take a look.

How Long Does Water Heater Repair And Installation Take

Our main aim at Emergency Plumber Camden is to provide high-end plumbing service that's hard to get in the whole of Camden. Our service is fast, reliable, efficient and hassle-free. However, the time frame for water heater installation and repair differs.

There's no exact time frame and neither can we predict the number of hours it takes to get the job done. It all depends on your needs and the project requirement. Whatever the case may be, we always guarantee top quality service and unmatched result rarely seen in Camden.

How Much Does Installation Cost

Free quotes are available to all customers on our website. As a "top dog" in the plumbing business, we can help you get the. cheapest water heater supply from our partnered manufacturing brands.

However, if you have a cheaper alternative to ours, we're more than ready to oblige to your wish.  Do call us to get one of our partner’s water heaters.

The Inspection Phase

We have a principle of carrying out an inspection before starting the main work. Rather than jumping in, we take our time to study your facility and profer the best solution. First, we determine whether your water heater has passed its life span or not and if so, we will recommend you get a replacement rather than wasting money on repairs that will never address the main issue

We prioritise your satisfaction and smile over your pay-check, rather than leaving you at the mercy of dubious marketers; we will guide you on how to get the best water heater replacement and also link you with top manufacturing brands where you can get all your facilities at a subsidised price.

After the installation, we also outline the safety measures you should take to ensure your water heater doesn't get damaged anytime soon.

Contact us today for your water heater installation!

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