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Kitchen Refurbishment

At Emergency Plumber Camden, we offer complete refurbishments for all types and sizes of kitchens. We are the experts in designing & installing a stunning kitchen that we guarantee you’ll love. We can boast of giving you guaranteed excellent craft in our work.

At Emergency Plumber Camden, we have made lots of our clients happy by bringing their numerous dream kitchen refurbishments to life! We know, from our past and continuous successes and customer satisfaction rates, that we can also help you to bring your desired dream kitchen to life. Whether partial refurbishment or full refurbishment and installation, you just need to make your wish, and we'll be your kitchen fairies to grant it to you at the most affordable cost, with the right quality of materials and expert installation.

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Knowing what you want

It is quite important to know what you want for your kitchen. Do you want to maintain the layout of your kitchen and change the styling and overall look? Or would you rather transform the entire form and structure of your kitchen for a whole new kitchen? If you would go for the former, then what you need is a kitchen makeover or partial refurbishment. But if you would prefer the latter as most people, then a full refurbishment or installation is what you need. The good news is, either way, we're here to help you do just that!

Differences Between Kitchen Makeover and Kitchen Refurbishment

A lot of people do not know the difference between partial refurbishment and full refurbishment or installation. Thus, it makes it hard for them to tell what exactly they want for their dream kitchen. Let us have a quick look at the differences between these two choices for your dream kitchen. 

Kitchen Makeover Or Partial Refurbishment

In some cases, all your kitchen needs are for some already existing elements to be revamped. And what do we do when we want to give your kitchen a makeover partial refurbishment?

  • The replacement of kitchen doors
  • A new worktop
  • Change of door handles
  • The replacement of drawer fronts and cabinets
  • Changing existing Changing some electrical fittings

A Kitchen makeover or refurbishment can restore life to an old and outdated kitchen. However, it does not give you that high end feel and custom design of a full refurbishment, but if you are working based on a limited budget, then it could be the best option for you. You can give us a call now if a kitchen makeover or partial refurbishment is what your kitchen needs - Telephone: 020 31371718.

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rating star iconThey are just great professional from the beginning till the end. My kitchen and bathroom looked amazing and it was quite inexpensive than all other quotes I got. They completed the job well ahead of schedule. Highly recommended!

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Florin Costea

Florin Costea

2 months ago

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rating star iconHad a great experience with Ali. My boiler broke and he came the very same day. I required a section changed and he ordered the parp for me and looked through it online to spare me some cash. He returned two days after to fix the new part. Would recommend.

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James Kweka

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Full Refurbishment Or Installation

A full refurbishment or installation is the best option for you in the realisation of your dream kitchen. During the full refurbishment, we will be ripping out your present kitchen and starting again with a blank canvas.

A full refurbishment aims to completely redesign your kitchen space and create a room fitted according to your needs and desires. A full refurbishment will give you a second chance to install new appliances which can be integrated into the new kitchen according to your taste. The features below are characteristics of full kitchen refurbishment.

Note that not all aspects may apply to all refurbishment.

  • Replacement Of Your Outdated Plumbing and Gas pipes.
  • Installation of All Things Electrical (lighting, electrical sockets and switches)
  • Redesign of the layout
  • Installing New Insulation, Flooring(wooden, tiled, marble,etc.) and Drywall.
  • Replacement of base units, cupboards, cabinets, drawers etc, with a brand new custom unit
  • Plastering and painting or tiling of the walls

You now know the kinds of refurbishment projects and that not all aspects mentioned above will apply to all refurbishments projects. Our Emergency Plumber Camden services are one hundred per cent customer-centred. As we work to make sure you get your desired dream kitchen, we ensure that your demands and desires are meticulous, prompt and in correspondence with our work.

Have You Decided On The Kind Of Kitchen Customer You Are?

In some cases, some of our clients who contact us have already purchased their new kitchen, and all they need is just precision installation. Now, these kinds of clients had a clear picture of what they wanted their dream kitchen to look like. They probably even spent lots of time surfing the internet for pictures and creative ideas, until they perfected the mental picture of their dream kitchen and could even make their purchase without supervision or consultation.

This kind of clients come to us with already prepared plans and a kitchen to be executed as soon as possible. If you are this kind of client, then contact us to discuss your installation process. Or you can also provide us with an email detailing your plans and the list of what needs to be installed, and we can then respond to you with a quotation.

Contrarily, in some other cases, some of our clients do not have a clear picture of what they want both in terms of design and installation and need expert advice. When they contact us, they most likely haven’t made any purchases for their new kitchen yet and are seeking a kitchen specialist for the best design supply and installation service.

If this sounds familiar, then you can contact us right away to schedule a consultation visit. The consultation visit will be an extensive meeting where we’ll make the necessary enquiries to determine the requirements and details for your custom made kitchen. You can rest assured that we will be very glad to listen to your ideas and that we will use our experience and expert knowledge to bring your dream kitchen to life in the blink of an eye.

The Cost Of A Kitchen Refurbishment

On average, to set up a kitchen costs approximately £8,500 in the UK, and it goes up to approximately £10,500. Although this price does not cover the cost of ripping out the old kitchen and installing the new kitchen.

As earlier established, a full refurbishment can entail various works to be done. For instance, a refurbishment which will involve changing the flooring and installing other new appliances that were not fitted initially will attract a higher cost compared to the refurbishment that does not. Likewise, if you want a particular design or painting on your wall to achieve the desired touch of beauty and elegance in the kitchen, then the cost will increase also.

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rating star iconDan is a hero. He came on Sunday and put his great effort to help me, fixing our urgent plumbing with a great deal of consideration and flawlessness! Much obliged Dan with your work, would highly recommend you to my family and friends. Very cheap prices as well.

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Bazga Alexandru

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We Guarantee The Durability Of Your Desired Kitchen

We know that everyone wants value and satisfaction for the money spent, and that is why our team of experienced specialists will collaborate with you to create the perfect kitchen refurbishment that will be on par with your budget. The kitchen is without doubts one of our favourite rooms in the home but also the room is more prone to show signs of wear and tear more eminently than other rooms.

We know you love your kitchen, so do we. That is why we are resolved to select the best materials that are rich in quality and will also guarantee the highest level of durability for your new and desired kitchen. All you need to do is trust us, and we promise to deliver our work effectively and in the most efficient ways.

Your dream kitchen is not something you launch every day. It should, therefore, be designed and built to last for long. Believe us, the experts, when we tell you that you do not want to consider going for a low kitchen refurbishment plan. At Emergency Plumber Camden, we will help bring your dream kitchen to life and also ensure that it lasts as long as you desire.

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We're ready to bring your dream kitchen to reality. The question is: are you? We look forward to working with you soon. Contact us on 020 31371718.

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