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Power Flush & Central Heating System

Every heating system has its core component, which is the boiler. The boiler manufacturers’ Benchmark scheme requires that at the renewal of any boiler, the heating system should be properly cleaned to the BS7593:2006 Code of Practice. There are various ways of cleansing a heating system, but the best industry practice dictates that the system be power flushed.

You can always count on us at Emergency Plumber Camden to power flush your central heating system.

Power flushing

Power flushing is not only the fastest way to clean any central heating system, but it also the most effective and involves the slightest disruption and dismantling of your central heating system.

What we do

As professionals, we utilise purpose-built power flush pumps. Our custom pumps solve all boiler noise problems and improve circulation by removing all accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale. Call us on 020 31371718 today.

How a power flush pump work

The power flush pump first is connected into a heating system while the power flushing process is on. Next, sludge and scale and corrosion deposits are dislodged by a combination of the high water velocity and instantaneous flow reversal in the pump. The high velocity of freshwater in the system enables the pump to expel the loosened dirt from the system.

Power flushing radiators

In power flushing radiators, this can be done individually by our engineers and does not require any disconnection from the system. Once the power flush of the entire system is done, we ensure the system is made full of clean water, and we undergo reinstatement to normal operation in only just a few minutes.

So call us today.

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How effective is a power flush?

A power flush is very effective, and especially in cleaning system corrosion problems that arise as a result of a design fault. We recommend to our clients that before any power flushing gets underway, all such design faults should be rectified foremost.

The level of corrosion in the heating system before the commencement of the power flush will determine the success of that power flush. So while a power flush will cure most circulation problems, it cannot undo the accumulated corrosion or the years of gradual decay that has created the need to power flush that system.

Leaks before or after a power flush

Finding a leak to a heating system after power flushing is extremely rare in a majority of cases. We use a power flushing and dispersing chemical for effective cleansing, and sometimes we may find a leak in the system.

Even without a power flush, this leak is imminent, and this is because of the advanced stage of corrosion required for a situation to need a power flush. It is preferable this leak occurs while we are present, as we have the means to remedy the problem. So call us on 020 31371718 to hire our services now.

When a heating system is not properly maintained over some time or is not treated with an inhibitor that effectively removes any corrosion, that system may have the risk of having compacted corrosion debris in the pipework, and the radiators and boiler repairs.

With a power flush, some radiators still may not be fully effective, and boilers that are already failing may cease working as the sludge and debris break loose and collect in the heat exchanger. Give us a call us today, and we can remedy that.

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You don’t need to sweat over your central heating system as our team of experts are always available to power flush your central heating system.

All you need to do is give us a call on 020 31371718, and we will come to your rescue.

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