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Immersion Heater

Who said you can't have access to reliable immersion heater repair and installation services Camden? Call Emergency Plumber Camden and let us provide you with quality services at a competitive price.

What's An Immersion Heater?

An immersion heater is a device that is installed in a tank and uses electricity to heat water. They are sometimes called mega-flow boilers or unvented hot water systems. Immersion heaters can also be solar-powered.

Do you need one of this device in your home? Do you have one but it's broken and needs repair? Pick up your phone now and call us. We the Emergency Plumber Camden will get you a suitable heater or fix it as the case might be.

Immersion Heaters And Your Home

Many homeowners prefer to heat water using an immersion heater, especially those with no gas supply. This heater provides a consistent supply of hot water; an advantage for homes where steady heat is needed.

Immersion heaters have the dual capacity to function as a primary water heater, or as a backup water heater for combination boilers.

If you are ever considering this option for your home in Camden, contact us now!

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Types of Immersion Heater

Based on their purposes, immersion heaters are widely available on the market. Some of the common ones include:

  • Over the Side Heaters - These are used in tanks that do not need any heater. The heater is placed inside the tank from the top and attached to a sidewall from where it generates heat once turned on
  • Flanged Heater - You can see this one commonly used in pressurised vessels and tanks holding liquid
  • Threaded/Screw Plug Heater - This heater keeps water hot at a stable temperature and prevents it from getting frozen in winter

The fact remains that once the service life of any of these heaters is complete, they will likely burn out. However, they can be repaired. You can use our services at Emergency Plumber in Camden for repairs of faulty heaters. We'll fix them, and they will be good as new!

Home Immersion Heaters

As your Emergency Plumber in Camden, we can help install and repair; immersion heaters in your home.

The benefit of an off-peak installation is that the upper immersion heater connects with the normal circuit, while the lower heater connects to the off-peak heating circuit, providing you with hot water at any time you want it.

Is your immersion heater faulty and require repairs, or do you need a new heater installed, call Emergency Plumber Camden on 020 31371718 and we'll give you just what you need. We provide quality immersion heater installation every time. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

Professional Installation Is Crucial

We usually recommend expert services if you need to install an immersion heater. This will enable you to get the best out of your heater and lower operating cost caused by poor installation.

If you need a good installation, call Emergency Plumber in Camden right away. We are one company with a finesse built upon experience. Our job is thorough and straight forward! There are no hidden charges because we have your interest at heart. Choose Emergency Plumber in Camden today!


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Now that you know, we would be glad to help when you contact us.

Hire Emergency Plumber in Camden today for immersion heater repair and installation. You ask we provide!

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