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Pipework Replacement

Do you know that a problem with any part of your home's plumbing system can lead to furnishing loss and major property damage?

It is however almost impossible for your piping and pipe connections not to fail. Why? This is as a result of factors such as age, lack of maintenance, major fluctuations in temperature, faulty components and even low-quality installations. Hence, it is very helpful for you to know the expected life span of your plumbing system. Also, signs of failure can help any homeowner know when it is time to replace their home's plumbing fixtures or system.

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Piping Materials

First of all, you need to check your home's plumbing system to determine what type of plumbing system is installed in your home. Various materials have varying longevity span and pose different plumbing threats.

Furthermore, when you first purchased your home, an appraisal or inspection report would have detailed the type of piping material in your home. For instance, homes in the past used clay, which deteriorates much more quickly than the materials of today. Likewise, each pipe material has a lifespan:

  • Copper: 50+ years
  • Brass: 40 to 45 years
  • Cast Iron: 75 to 100 years
  • Galvanised Steel: 20 to 50 years
  • PVC piping can last indefinitely.

Although these long-life cycles may look great, it is, however, important to consider other things such as pipe joints, fittings and mechanical components that connect your plumbing system to your household fixtures. Old or faulty fixtures and bad connections can lead to plumbing leaks and water backups.

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What are the signs of A Faulty Plumbing System?

One of the most conspicuous signs that your home's plumbing system has a plumbing problem is through evident pipe cracks, corrosion or leaks from the piping system. Some other signs that may also be seen in plumbing issues are wet baseboards or the area behind dishwasher or sinks, water-stained or warped flooring, and water tubing that is rust-coloured can be signs of leaking or corroding pipes.

Another indication of a blocked drain or a leak downstream from the fixture is its life water pressure. When you hear a gurgling or rattling sound from your piping system, it may be an indicator of a pipe blockage that is trapping air.

You should also inspect crawl spaces, and enclosed areas for damp or mould as these are also an indication of a leaking pipe. Also, you should always clear slow-moving drains with a drain cleaner or plumber's "snake," as this also indicates a pipeline blockage.

Do You Need A Repair Or Replacement Service?

You do not necessarily need a plumber to do some basic things such as removing materials in a blocked pipe, fixing fixtures and replacements, installation of pipe connectors, and even replacing faulty exposed pipes. However, keep in mind that when the issue is not exposed, but concealed underground or behind a wall, then you would need to be prepared for structural repairs which would involve demolition of your floor/wall.

It is advisable to replace your plumbing system when you refurbish your bathroom/toilet, kitchen or basement. You can maintain a low cost by replacing just the exposed piping if no other sign of leaking water is revealed. 

Although, if walls will be demolished, it is best to inspect all hidden pipes and joints to know if they need to be fixed or replaced. For your repair service, it's great to have a good plumber's contact information at hand. That is why our clients also recommend us - Emergency Plumber Camden.

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