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Saniflo Installation & Repair

We are a team of professional and highly trained plumbers in Camden who specialise in repairing, installing, and fixing problems related to saniflo. Our team provides saniflo installations and repair services in and around Camden. You can turn a small space into an extra bathroom or toilet with saniflo.

In this system, the traditional gravity flow system might not be possible, and this is an ideal solution for bathrooms, toilet, en-suites, utility rooms, kitchens, and loft conversions.

Here, at the Emergency Plumber Camden, we render quality saniflo installation and repairs services in and around Camden. Our quality services which we offer at a friendly and considerate price has earned us a name and reputation we are committed to protecting.

We also have excellent customer service. We handle your case with urgency and give you the best toilet installation solution that suits your specific need. We also offer expert advice to our clients, and we have many years of experience in this business that makes it possible for us to resolve any problems you might be experiencing with saniflo installations.

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How a saniflo system works

The saniflo works by macerating and breaking up toilet paper and human waste using a blade. The blade spins, and in the process of doing that, it breaks up the waste and liquefies it. The water being flushed into the system mixes up with the waste and the pump forces this waste into the local drainage system or soil pipes through the drainage pipes.

The saniflo unit pumps the waste into the nearest soil pipe; this means if you have a loft extension and your bathroom is opposite to the house on the soil stack, a saniflo unit will help to pump this water and waste solution to the soil stack across the house.

A saniflo unit is usually needed and installed when there is a distance between the toilet, bath, basin, shower, and the soil stack. Our professional engineers will install a new system for you or repair any existing problem that is affecting the normal functioning of your system.

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How we do saniflo installations

Our services are of high standards, we advise you on the type of saniflo system that will suit your specific need, and this depends on the type of plumbing system you have.

Our team of professional engineers will discuss with you and let you know of the most suitable plumbing installation that will suit your home.

Feel free to contact us if you need to install a saniflo system in your home or you want to repair your saniflo system.

How we do saniflo repairs

A saniflo will need a repair when it is blocked, or the macerator is overflowing. This blockage is usually caused by a foreign object, this, in turn, makes the motor jammed and make it unable to pump water through the system or flush.

Another cause of a blockage, though not common is limescale. This is common in areas where the water supply is hard as it leads to a buildup of limescale in your system which can obstruct it.

If you live in these areas, you have to descale your system at least two times a year to minimise the buildup of limescale and prevent obstruction and blockages.

When to call us

You know you need the help and services of expert plumbers like us when your system begins to malfunction and show some signs such as:

  • Noise making; you need the help of a professional if your system is making noise
  • Vibration, when your system is vibrating, it shows something is abnormal
  • Leaking system
  • Pump problems

When you notice any of the above signs, it is time to call us; we will come immediately and diagnose the cause of the problem professionally.

We will professionally resolve the problem without leaving your property messy. We also offer expert advice on how you can prevent this from re-occurring in the future.

We can also install a new system for you at an affordable price if your existing system is beyond repair or very old. Just get in touch with us, on 020 31371718 and we will be happy to give you the best of services.

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