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Gas Safety Testing & Certificate

Do you think the time is right for your gas appliances safety testing? Why not call us on 020 31371718 for a professional gas safety testing and certification, to ensure your home is safe all year round.

What you should know

Just in case you have any gas appliances in your property, it is crucial to make sure they are functional, safe, reliable and compliant. Failure to carry out these checks will most likely put you and your family at risk, which may result in some other issues. In essence, having a gas safety testing and certification by a registered safety engineer is a critical step that needs to be adhered to, in ensuring your safety, and that of your property.

At Emergency Plumber Camden, we are available for your Gas safety testing and certificates. Call 020 31371718to get yours right away.

Why you need to test your gas appliances

Testing your gas appliances is an important step that needs to be taken, in ensuring your family and properties are safe. One big risk of leaving your gas appliances unchecked for a long time is carbon monoxide poisoning, which you can barely hear or smell. It is recommended that you check and service your gas appliances on an annual basis, or as stipulated in your manufacturer’s handbook.

Let us know when your appliances need to be inspected, and we will schedule an appointment for you to ensure that all gas appliances are completely tested. You can also request for a one-off inspection with us if you have any concerns relating to your gas appliances.

Professional services at emergency plumbing

Here at Emergency Plumber Camden, we offer wide varieties of professional gas testing and certificates services to different types of gas users, including the below-listed.

Professional gas testing services and certificates for landlords and homeowners

Whether you own a property occupied by tenants, or you own a home, it is required by the law that you have the gas supply, appliances and boilers regularly scrutinised, say once a year. This is to ensure the safety of both your property and the occupants of the building.

 As registered engineers, we are vested with the legal backing to carry out this gas testing services or checks for you. When dealing with both landlords and homeowners, we issue the CP12 certificates that should be supplied to your tenants- specifically for clients with tenants, as well as the underlying certificate required for homeowners.

Reach out to us for professional gas testing services and certificates

Professional gas testing services and certificates for tenants

If you are a tenant, there is a high tendency that you are supplied with the current valid copy of the CP12 gas safety record certificate during the period you moved in. More so, this should be renewed by your landlord annually, while a copy of the new certificate is issued to you.

Regardless, if you don’t have the current CP12 certificate, you may need to contact either the landlord or the housing agent responsible for the property upkeep.

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