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Stopcock Replacement and Repair

The stopcock is the control tap for the main water running into your house. An emergency can arise when you need a stopcock replacement.

For any issue regarding your stopcock or any other plumbing emergencies, feel free to contact us at the Emergency plumber Camden.

We are one of the leading plumbing companies in Camden; we offer our plumbing services in Camden and its surrounding cities. We offer high-quality services that meet up to the best standards, and we do this at a friendly and considerate price.

Importance of a stopcock tap

A stopcock tap is very important; it helps in controlling water leakages. Let’s assume that you have water leakage and you are unable to stop the leaking tap or the pipe.

The first thing to do is to stop the flow of water so that the leakage won’t get out of hand and damage your property. You do this by turning the stopcock tap in a clockwise position.

When you have done this, the next thing to do is call us, the Emergency Plumber Camden and we will be right there to fix the hidden leaks. You will be very pleased with our services because your work will be done by trained professionals and we won’t leave your property messy.

We will attend to your case urgently and even handle it that day. This will help save time and resources, and all our services are affordable.

Another scenario showing the importance of a stopcock tap is this; let’s assume again that you want to replace your kitchen sink or fix a shower, repair a shower, or do some home plumbing job, the first thing you have to do is to turn off the water supply by stopping the stopcock tap.

This will enable you to carry on with whatever repair or installations you want to do without your water wasting. You can’t do some things without stopping the flow of water.

Now that you’ve known how important your stopcock is, it is now mandatory to keep it functioning well and optimally; you should also know where your stopcock tap is located. In cases of plumbing repairs, you can switch it off.

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Why you should hire us

If your stopcock is having problems and needs a replacement or repair, don’t hesitate to call us. We are a team of accredited and professional plumbers in Camden.

We are well trained, and all your work will be done professionally. All our clients are always happy with our services, our many years of providing quality service that meets the best standard have earned us a name and reputation which we will do whatever it takes to protect it.

When you call us, we come immediately and treat your case with urgency. We try our possible best to resolve your case on the same day you call us.

We also do a cleanup after rendering our services, thus leaving your property clean and healthy. We are professionals, and we know the best solution that is unique and best for your specific problem.

Our expert team is well knowledgeable and experienced on all the methods and advanced technologies to use in bringing a lasting solution to your plumbing problems and also to prevent a future re-occurrence.

You can also call us to replace the water shut off valve for you; it is essential to have outside water shut off valve fitted into your plumbing system to help prevent leakages and conserve your water.

When you do this, you will be strengthening your plumbing defence system. Call us, and we will deliver a service that is on-time, fast, reliable, accurate, and professional with the best of standards.

The cost of stopcock replacement

All of our services are rendered at an affordable cost; we are considerate and friendly. The cost of replacing a stopcock depends on the materials used and the number of hours used in fitting.

Air pressure switch stop valve

Our expert team can install the air pressure switch stop valve to help turn the valve off using air pressure. This will not cost much, and it is a good investment to make on your plumbing system.

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Auto stopcock

This is the latest technology which is now getting popular with the high rate of flooding caused by water leakages or burst pipe. We can install this for you in your home or office.

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Benefits of an auto stopcock

The benefits of having an auto stopcock are:

  • Installation of remote electric switch
  • It can easily detect the flow of water
  • It is easy to use the control panel
  • It has a constant flow of water over-ride system
  • Excessive flow of water will shut off the system
  • The vacant property will cut off the system
  • The low temperature will cut off the system

These are some of the benefits of an auto stopcock. It prevents water leakages and prevents your property from getting flooded, and also prevents wastage of your water and money.

A flooded property can damage your walls, furniture, flooring, electronics, and even your neighbour’s property. This auto stopcock will make it easy for you to control the flow of water and cut off system easily.

The cost of installing an auto stopcock is far lesser than the cost of dealing with flooding and repairing damaged properties caused by flooding. If you are a homeowner or a landlord, call us today to help you fix an auto stopcock.

We will give you a quote, and our engineers will be very happy to help you. Your work will be done by certified and registered professionals; you will be happy with our services as they are up to the best standard.

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