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What's the Best Temperature for My Water Heater?

Imagine those times you're out in a hurry without your umbrella? What about the time you had to slay at that romantic date with that gorgeous dress and didn't bother about a coat? The date had been going just fine until you realised how chilly it had become. From then on, you’d been longing to go home and soak yourself in a hot steamy bath.

You get home, get under the shower and feel warmness expelling all the chills. You feel your previously contracted muscles soften under the warmth of bathing. Woah, how relaxing!

Warm water is very invaluable in a home but did you know that about 18% of your power usage bill is used by your water heater? The amount of the bills to pay becomes dependent on how well you operate your heater. If the temp is up, you’ll pay more. Such high temperatures can also lead to burns and pain. Setting the heater low, however, you may be unsatisfied with how lukewarm it is, and you should understand that water needs to be hot enough to kill germs. Stagnant water, below the advocated temperature, increases the chance of letting bacteria and diseases thrive in your water heater. An example of such diseases is Legionella.

What then is the advocated temperature?

According to the manufacturers, heaters must be inbuilt with 140 degrees; for proper elimination of bacteria and proof to customers, the efficiency of the equipment. This temperature is okay for people with chronic respiratory diseases or a suppressed immune system, but generally, it is too hot and will consume more energy and lead to scalding.

So, the advocated temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, diseases have a very low chance of thriving in the water heater, and more beneficially, it doesn’t burn anything as it is not hot enough.   

Let us check out some factors in connection to our question

  • The presence of children and older people in a home. 120 degrees is said to be moderate for homes with kids and elders in them, in the case of a household accident involving water. As a result, the relative risk of injury is cut down. 120 degrees is not hot enough to cause any serious scalding.
  • Homes that do not have dishwashers that preheat should make sure to set its temperature to a recommended 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it wouldn't burn because the water will lose heat before it reaches the tap. Keeping the heater at a temperature lower than this will leave you unsatisfied at the end of the day, as it would cool down substantially before getting to the tap.
  • People who have a suppressed immune system or chronic respiratory illness must use 140 degrees Fahrenheit as it is the recommended temperature that ensures complete annihilation of bacteria.
  • People who leave alone may want to keep the temperature at a lower level as there is not much consumption of hot water.

Generally, reducing the temperature of water reduces the cost of the bills.

Are you still wondering if your heater is at the right temperature? Get an expert to help out with the water heater installation & repair service in Camden for your boiler to the advocated temperature. Feel free to contact on 020 34752302, and we will be there in no time.

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