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How to Maintain Your Water Heater in Winter

Winter comes up with many problems. One of the problems being a maintenance task for a central heating system. Hot water and the hot temperature is a necessity in winter times but the real trouble also comes up when we have to face any of these issues. If you prepare yourself before the arrival of the winter months, you may save a lot of energy costs. In order to continue with the hot water, you must follow some basic maintenance rules.

Pressure relief valve

Most of the leakage happens because of the pressure which tends to build up inside the tank. This will automatically shorten the life of your heater. Such cases are actually very dangerous as they can cause an explosion without any warning. The pressure relief valve is formed in such a way that it can open and release the excess pressure.

The best way to check if you are having some problems with your heater is to shut off the water and power supply. Place a bucket under the drainpipe which is connected to the valve. You need to lift the tab which is attached to the valve. Let the water runs out. Close it then. 

If you see no water is running out when the valve is open or you found that the water is constantly running, even after it is closed, this is a clear cut sign of replacement. You need to replace the valve.

Examine the anode rod

You will see a magnesium rod inside the tank. This rod helps in protecting your heater against any rust. It works by attracting the corrosive elements in the water. Turn off the power and water supply and then check for the rod. You need to unscrew the rod’s head which you will find on the top of the tank. You need to take the rod out of it. If you see it is down to ½” in diameter or less, you have to change it with a new one. You can find the parts easily in any hardware stores.

After you have got the new one, you will then have to wrap the threads with Teflon tape and screw it in place.

Flushing the tank

When debris creates to build up in a system, it tends to increase more difficulties by either destroying the device or by not working properly. The same thing goes with heaters. The accumulation of the sand tends to make the system more difficult to heat up on its own. Such sediment can shorten the life of your water heater.

Flushing the tank will help the junks come out from it. Use a hose and attach it to the drain valve which is usually located near the bottom of the tank. Now put the other end of the hose outside. After turning off the power and water supply, open the drain valve.

After you have emptied the tank, again turn on the water supply to get rid of any remaining segments which usually sticks to the bottom of the tank. Keep on repeating the entire process, until you see fresh clean water coming out from it. Sometimes, the accumulation becomes so stubborn that it needs water heater repair & installation service in Camden. Don’t ignore these repairings as it will also save you huge bucks on your system. 

Cost-effective means of using tank

If you insulate your tank, you can save huge energy costs. The insulation helps in preventing heat loss which saves you a lot of bucks without any worries. Just add a foil insulating blankets and be tension free.

Measure it as per the pipes, thermostat and valves. Wrap it up around the walls of the tank. Seal it with foil tape. Avoid covering the top of the gas water heater.

Your thermostat can save you

If you want to prevent scalding, you just have to set the thermostat at 120°F. If you can lower the temperature, you will conserve more energy. 5% energy costs will be saved on every 10 degrees change. Isn’t that amazing?

Endnote: winter is not that bad though if you know how to manage it. The above-mentioned tricks will help you in keeping your heater in good condition.

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