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Gas vs Electric Water Heater - Pros and Cons - How to Choose?

Like every other household appliances, the value of a water heater is only appreciated when it stops.

Well, just in case you are considering purchasing a new water heater for the first time, or you’ve had the same water heater for over a decade, it is ideal to start thinking of replacing the appliance before it stops working, and puts you in a problematic condition.

Generally, when replacing or adding a new water heater to your home, it is crucial to perform adequate research, before choosing emergency gas engineers in Camden that can provide the reliable services in the most effective way.

Because a large portion of our utility bill is most possibly apportioned to heating the water, as a plumber in Hampstead, we feel it is vital to decide and advise on the right energy source to use – that is gas or electric power heater. Although both gas and electric water heaters are quite similar, there are varieties of differences between the two, which are ideal in helping you make the right choice.

Why not read on, to get a clearer picture.

Comparing electric water heater to gas water heaters, what you should know

The pros of buying an electric water heater

  • Varieties of options: Various options are available in electric water heating, including both larger and smaller tanks, which can serve both long term and immediate need.
  • More efficient: They are more efficient since the water is only heated when needed. This, at the same time, helps to save more energy.
  • Compact and space-saving design: Since they run purely with the use of electricity, they are more compact and known to occupy less space when compared to gas water heaters of the same capacity.

The cons of buying an electric water heater

  • Cost of electricity: With an upsurge in the recent price of power, the maintenance cost of using an electric water heater can be much higher than gas.
  • Longer recovery time: The recovery rate for the electric water heater is entirely low. In other words, if your household largely depends on the use of a water heater, the amount of hot water generated may not be able to cover the need of your home.

The pros of choosing a gas water heaters

  • Low operating cost: Gas is quite cheaper than electricity in some part of the world. What’s more, the operating cost of using a gas water heater is entirely lower when compared to electricity.
  • Power-efficient: They can work effectively without the use of electricity. You can consult with the plumber in Primrose Hill, NW8 to know more.
  • Double Recovery Rate: The heating and recovery rate of the gas water heater is twice higher than an electric water heater.

The cons of choosing a gas water heaters

  • Dangers of a gas explosion
  • Requires more complex installation
  • most times, The initial cost of installing a gas heater may be higher

Let’s help you make the right decision

How can we help? Our highly experienced and trained professionals at local plumber Camden can further assist in making the right choice for the perfect water heating system, essential for meeting your home specific needs.

Give us a call today to get the ideal water heater fixed in your home.

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