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How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

No one is comfortable with faulty plumbing like shower leaks. When you have a leaky shower, the sound of dripping water is terrible to the ears and the accumulated water if not properly handled, can mess up your bathroom. Worse still, neglecting it could lead to a hike in the price of repair over time. So, at the initial stages, you must call water leak detection and repair services in Camden to fix it.  


From all indication, it may seem like your shower head is truly faulty, but that's not true. A leaky shower is caused by a breach in the faucet valve stem and/or valve cartridge. Hence, you may have a faultless shower head!

When it comes to replacing a broken faucet stem and/or valve cartridge, it can be difficult. But you can try fixing it on your own by following the guide we would provide as you read on. However, if you cannot do it, make a smart decision to hire a good plumber who knows the job very well.


  • First, shut off the shower water supply with the shut-off valve in the bathroom. You can also turn off the building's water supply from the mains
  • Expect a slight downpour because there will definitely be some water left in the shower lines
  • Cover the bottom of the shower/tub with a towel. By so doing, you will be covering and protecting the drain and surface from small parts and damage from any falling tool


This may not be so easy, but you could give it a try. Here's how:

  • Just like we said before, cover the bottom of the shower/tub plus the drain with a towel after shutting off the water supply
  • The next thing is to check out which side of the two-valve system (if that's what you have) is causing the shower leak. If the stem is warm and/or the drip is hot, know that it is the hot side. We advise you to replace both sides at once regardless of which is faulty
  • Remove and set aside the handles or knobs, the faceplates, and sleeves that cover the valve body and valve
  • With the valve and valve body exposed, use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the valve stem and/or cartridge from the valve body by turning it left. Bear in mind that depending on your faucet brand, you may have to use its special cartridge tool
  • Go with the valve stem and/or cartridge to a hardware store to find out the right parts to be replaced
  • Replace the valve seat, all washers and/or O-rings; you usually get these parts when you buy a new valve stem or cartridge, but check to confirm
  • Clean off mineral deposits from the area with a toothbrush dipped in equal parts of vinegar and water solution before piecing together the lot
  • Attach the new valve stem and/or the cartridge into the valve body with a clockwise motion or based on the manufacturer's guide
  • Put the sleeves, knobs, and baseplates back in their original position
  • Turn on the water supply and run the shower for half a minute. Turn it off and check if the shower is still dripping. If there isn't any leak, seal the entire baseplate to the wall using a caulk; you may have to dry the caulk for 12 to 24 hours thus, read the packaging instructions carefully


It's natural if you think you can't do it yourself. You may not also fix it correctly so, contact your nearest camden plumber for assistance. Rest assured we will get it done.

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