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How to Fix a Dripping Faucet

Dripping faucets are very annoying, and they lead to a waste of resources. You will lose a lot of water and money down the drain.

There are simple DIY home remedies for dripping faucets; this will get rid of the annoying drip and save your money.

1. Before you try to fix this yourself, you need to have the right tools to help you. Lists of what you will need are:

  • Plumber’s grease
  • Penetrating oil
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Other parts for the type of your faucet

This is the first step to get you started. Then when you’ve gathered all your tools, the next thing is to turn the water shut-off valve beneath the sink to stop the flow of water.

You can also use a built-in stopper or a rag to plug the drain and prevent your water from going down the drain.

2. Determine the type of faucet you have; compression faucets have two handles while other types have single handles that can swivel from hot to cold.

You have to disassemble the faucet before you know the type you have. Always remember that ball faucets have ball bearing, cartridge faucet has a decorative cap on the handle and it has a cartridge while ceramic-disk faucet has a ceramic cylinder.

3. The next step is to find the source of the leak; if the handles of the compression faucets are leaky, then you need to replace the O-ring and do the same on the other handles if they are also having problems.

If the leak is from the spout, then more skills are required as it is more complicated than other parts. The methods and techniques used in fixing a leaky spout depend on the type of faucet you have.

Other ways you can try to fix your dripping faucet is to remove the parts using a screwdriver and wrench, be careful, so you don’t scratch the finish. Use a cloth to wrap the wrench to protect your faucet.

If it is difficult to pry out the handle stem of your compression faucet, apply penetrating oil to make it easy to lose. Most bathroom and kitchen faucet have several small components that you may not be familiar with.

The problems with older faucets might be beyond the O-rings, and some parts might just be changed. Soak items covered with mineral deposits in a bowl containing white vinegar for several hours to remove the scaling. This will also help you to have a good look at the parts to know whether you can reuse them or replace them.

If the parts are not available or replaceable, you might have to buy a new faucet. Otherwise, you can also hire Camden plumbing services. 

The Best Way to Fix a Dripping Faucet

The best way to fix a dripping faucet is to call professional plumbers in Camden to get it done for you. Fixing a faucet requires skills and knowledge— you might not know how to go about it.

It is possible to end up spoiling it more than repairing it. So, just call a professional plumber and let them have it done for you. It saves you time and energy.

If your bathroom or kitchen faucet is giving you problems, feel free to reach us via 020 31371718. You can never go wrong with a call to us! We look forward to working with you.

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